SEcurity is our first priority

Salient Security Features


Multi factor Authentication

Secure the bastion host using two factor authentication such as Google Authenticator, DUO Security or  Yubikey. It is mandatory to use 2fa for various security compliances such pci, hippa etc.

Privileged Access Management

Decide the login privileges with which an ssh user would login into a remote server. You can control if the user needs to login as a ‘root’ user or a non privileged user.

Record ssh sessions

Record the ssh session of users accessing remote servers via the jump server. Watch what the ssh user does in real time. This is helpful for forensics audit and for meeting various compliance such as PCI DSS

Detailed logs & reporting

Logs of all ssh activities are recorded and reports can be generated  quickly  for audit and compliance ( pci dss , iso 27001, more. ) requirements.

SAML Authentication

 Support for Single SignOn using SAML authentication protocol  is available for the gui.

Identity & Access management

Keep track and maintain a searchable record of ssh users accessing  remote server or cloud containers in production. You can decide the access that each  user has to the remote servers in ssh.

RBAC Support

Group your staff and your servers into different categories and decide which user or group of users get access to which server or group of servers.

One click access

Login to any control panel such as CPanel, Plesk, Webmin, your custom control panel, NOC/datacenter portals.


Automation Features


SSH Key management

Easily setup SSH key based authentication to multiple servers from the ssh jump server and rotate the keys periodically quickly and meet security complainces.

Password management

Enforce root or user password reset on remote servers periodically at the frequency that you choose to meet security compliances such pci dss and ISO 27001.

Master-Slave Cluster for HA

Configure a master slave cluster for a redundant ssh jump server to avoid lock out and single point failure.

API support

Automate server operations ( add/edit/delete ) within the user interface using API scripts for integration with other software portals.

Easy access

Smart CLI Features


Jump Server SSH interface

 Intuitive and secure cli interface so that  users can ssh to remote servers very quickly, easily and securely.Users are provided with a limited interface.

Web SSH Client

 HTML5 based ssh client now makes it faster  to ssh to the remote Linux server,  cloud containers, AWS instances via the browser itself .

AD/LDAP support

Integrates with AD/ LDAP or Openldap directory for centralised authentication and management of users.

Parallel shell

The multiple-server execution shell or parallel shell enables simultaneous execution of commands on a selected list of servers in the gateway interface.