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Security is priceless

30 Days free trial

free upto 5 servers

No credit card required
Limited free updates
Free support
Free installation and setup
Limited migration to other IP address
Manual license renewal

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leased license

$ 2.00 per server/month

Unlimited software updates
24/7/365 Priority support
Priority installation and setup
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Unlimited migration to other IP address
Automatic license renewal

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10 reasons why you should try it out!

  • Save costly system administration hours as servers to be managed increases.
  • Save more than what you Pay!
  • SSH Key Management & Key rotation.
  • Manage more Linux servers/aws instances/cloud containers with less number of staff.
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Save thousand of dollars in time and security.
  • Security is priceless.
  • Meet security compliances like PCI DSS 3.2, SOX, SOC2, FFIEC, NERC CIP, ISO 27001 and HIPPA easily!
  • 2 Factor authentication (Google Authenticator, Yubikey, DUO Security) in SSH.
  • Role Based Access control


Is it a hosted solution?

No, it is not a hosted solution. Its a self hosted solution. You will have to install the Ezeelogin Jump server software on your server for better control and security.

Can I change plans at any time ?

Yes, you can move from your Free plan or your Trial plan to a paid one without reinstalling your existing installation.  Also you can upgrade or downgrade your leased license seamlessly and instantly at any point of time without a reinstallation.

Can I upgrade from free license to leased plan as i have more than 5 servers?

Yes. You can upgrade your Free license to leased license seamlessly without having to reinstall or losing your data.

Is there any limit for the free license ?

Free license is available only on a monthly basis for 5 servers. That is, you need to manually renew every month. And you can purchase only one free license. Other than that, there are no limits. 

How much will it cost for 6 servers since i get 5 server for free?

Once your license goes from 5 free server to 6 servers, the cost would be for the entire 6 servers, which would be 6 servers * $2 = $12 /per-month.

Is it possible to install ezeelogin jump server on a linux host in Google or amazon AWS cloud instance?

Yes, it is possible to install Ezeelogin jump host solution  server in Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, Bluemix or any other cloud.

Do i need to install an agent on every server that has to be managed?

No, you do not have to install an agent on every server. You will have to install the jump server solution on one of your Linux instance/server that you plan to use as your ssh jump server.

Can i install the jump server software on a Windows server?

No, you cannot install Ezeelogin Jump server software on a Windows box. You can install only on a Linux server / instance.