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License expired though its not time / Number of servers exceeds maximum limit / How to flush license

How do you resolve an expired license issue?

Error: License Expired!

Follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1. Run the below command to find the public IP of the gateway server.

root@gateway ~]# wget -qO-

Step 2. Refer to the articles below to change the licensed IP from the billing portals.

Step 3. Relogin to Ezeelogin software GUI and click on the license tab to update the license. Refer to the screenshot below.

Error: The number of servers exceeds the maximum limit.

Step 1. Login to your billing portal under the license tab > check whether the licensed number of servers is correct.

Step 2. Also, clear the cache and try to re-login to Ezeelogin web GUI and re-add the server.

How to flush/refresh the license for Ezeelogin Version 6 & 7

Step 1: Click on the license tab from the web GUI of the Ezeelogin software to reload the license from the license server. This will help you automatically fetch the updated license from your billing portal that you have updated.

Step 2: If the issue persists ensure the following things that are mentioned below:

2 a. Ensure the HTTPS traffic to is not blocked in your firewall. To check, run the below commands.

root@gateway ~]# telnet 443

root@gateway ~]# telnet 443


root@gateway ~]# wget

root@gateway ~]# wget

2 b. Also, in php make sure allow_url_fopen is ON

root@gateway ~]# php -i|grep fopen

allow_url_fopen => On => On

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