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 Common Errors & Troubleshooting

LICENSE: No license Please contact [email protected]

I get the error LICENSE: No license Please contact support even though I have issued the license?     Do make sure that your main interface ip is indeed the ip for which the license has been issued. To verify if the correct ip has been... Read More

setup web ssh console in ezeelogin and ssh via browser

WEB SSH Console is  available within the GUI  from Ezeelogin 7.4.1 and above only. This feature lets you ssh using browser and does not need a ssh terminal.   White list your ip address from which you are accessing ,as certain firewall programs... Read More

key_read: uudecode ssh user cant login with ssh key

User can't log in with their SSH key and I'm getting this error in /var/log/secure  Make sure that your public key is not corrupted. Try generating a new public key and paste it in the backend. Refer the following article to update the ssh... Read More

Configuration and error log files to check for troubleshooting

The Ezeelogin configuration file is located at /usr/local/etc/ezlogin/ez.conf Ezeelogin has two logs files one for the web interface and one for the backend ssh interface called the ezsh shell (short for the Ezeelogin backend shell) FRONTEND OR WEB... Read More

ERROR for site owner: Invalid domain for site key

"ERROR for site owner:Invalid domain for site key" - reCAPTCHA: incorrect-captcha-sol  -Error message while setting up Google reCAPTHA   1. Make sure that you have generated reCAPTCHA API key for the IP,If you are accessing... Read More

Unable to login into cpanel/whm with one click

Unable to login into cpanel/whm with one click access Make sure that you are able to login manually with the root password shown in the ezsh backend interface. Edit the server having problems, and go to advanced settings and ensure that the fields ... Read More

PHP extension ’mcrypt’ is required.

How to install php-mcrypt on Centos 64 bit ezeelogin ssh gateway server 'PHP extension 'mcrypt' is required.'Centos 5.x wget rpm -ivh epel-release-5-4.noarch.rpm yum install... Read More

Configure Automatic su or sudo

How to configure Automatic su or sudo /switch user CentOS/Freebsd/Ubuntu servers?  check out the following video to ensure that you have configured the auto login correctly   1. Ensure that the remote ssh user has the bash shell enabled.... Read More


If you get the error " Connection has been closed. Another user may have logged in on the remote windows machine"  while doing RDP into the remote windows server, then 'right click'->'inspect'-> click Console  tab as show... Read More

User add failed

1. User add in your Ezeelogin Web panel prompted with the following error:   "User add failed.  sh: /usr/local/ezlogin/ezcltool: Permission denied"   Check whether you have enabled SELinux on your server. You can check... Read More

Token not found in Cpanel/WHM

Getting Token not found error or  Session Not found when accessing Cpanel/WHM 1. Ensure that the date & time on the target Cpanel/WHM server is correct. Also, make sure the date & time on the ssh gateway is correct as well.       Use the... Read More

502 on login with nginx

Getting 502 bad gateway error?1. Add the following in nginx.conf:      proxy_buffer_size 128k;      proxy_buffers 4 256k;      proxy_busy_buffers_size 256k;2. Add the following in the \.php$... Read More

404 error on login with nginx

404 error in Nginx.Note that, the Ezeelogin installation is under the directory named 'gate' In the nginx conf location directive for the server section handling ezeelogin pages, add the following rewrite rule: if (!-f $request_filename) { rewrite... Read More

’Failed to establish SSH session ’

'Failed to establish SSH session' error ; unable ssh via Ezeelogin shell  1.Make sure that the  iptables / firewall is not blocking ssh traffic (check ssh port is open on both gateway & target server) and make sure SSHD is not blocked... Read More

Setting session time out for the webinterface

To modify the timeout values in the web interface, edit the config file     /usr/local/etc/ezlogin/ez.conf file and set the variable in seconds.        cookie_expiration 3600 The config file for EZ Version 5... Read More

reCaptcha images not loading

The reCaptcha images are not loading Make sure that your client/desktop firewall does not block Make sure to unblock the rules in your windows/mac/Ubuntu desktop firewalls. Read More

Disabling reCAPTCHA

How do I disable recaptcha in database?To disable recaptcha on login page, connect to mysql on ezeelogin installed gateway and set login_captcha = N in the settings table of ezeelogin's database. You can find the database name, user and table... Read More

vi editor not working , insert and delete not working in ssh

When we use "less" and "vi" editors, keys such as "Page Up/Down, Home/End, Ins/Del" are not working. How can we fix it?Try different options of Terminal Emulation in account preferences: ... Read More

internal command ezinfo not displaying server details

Internal command ezinfo not displaying server details Make sure the user has been granted the privilege to 'view the server details' under Access-Control->User-to-server  Also make sure that the under Settings->General->Security,... Read More

Blank page when accessing Ezeelogin web panel or GUI

I get a blank page when accessing Ezeelogin webpanel.1. Make sure php is running on the server.2. Make sure ioncube is loaded in php.3. Make sure all php modules such as php-mysql, php-json,php-gd, php-ldap, openssl, ioncube etc are loaded. Php... Read More

Could not setup Ezeelogin Web SSH service

Could not setup Ezeelogin Web SSH service     1. Make sure that "SELINUX" is disabled.     you can check it by the following command  getenforce/sestatus        Configure  SELINUX=disabled ... Read More

Unable to open ssh session

I get the error "Unable to open session" while trying to ssh?1. Ensure that selinux is disabled the remote / target host. 2. Ensure that selinux is disable on the ssh gateway box as well.You may set selinux to disabled in /etc/selinux/config. The... Read More

PHP function ’exec’ is not available.

I get the error 'PHP function 'exec' is not available.' while installing ezeelogin?   This is because these functions are disabled in php.ini on the server.    Edit the php.ini file on the server and remove 'exec' from... Read More

vi editor having issues while logged in via ezeelogin

vi editor does not work as it should when editing files via ezeelogin   Try changing the terminal emulation to auto or vt102 and let us know if it solves the problem.  ... Read More

"Error: LDAP extension is not installed".

I Get the following error "Error: LDAP extension is not installed" while clicking  ldap tab   Make sure you are installed PHP-LDAP extension   centos yum install php-ldap ubuntu apt-get install php5-ldap/php7-ldap ... Read More

Jump server ip to be licensed?

To find out the ip of your jump server for which the license needs to be purchased, execute the following command on your ssh jump server designate wget -qO- Execute the above command on the SSH gateway server... Read More

ssh session slow and not responsive

My ssh session over the ezeelogin ssh jumpbox are slow but they work fast over normal ssh sesssion?    Try with the virtual shell disabled / and the command filtering disabled globally and let us know if that makes a difference. To disable... Read More

strange characters in the SSH logs recordings

Invisible control characters in the SSH logs recorded The ssh session recording feature logs every single key press hence non-printable key-strokes such as the backspace key, CTRL keys, Function keys etc shows up as these strange characters. qui... Read More

error log file and configuration file to troubleshoot

Where are the configuration and log files for troubleshooting? The configuration file is located at /usr/local/etc/ezlogin/ez.conf Ezeelogin has two logs files one for the web interface and one for the backend ssh interface.FRONTEND OR WEB... Read More

Cannot login to ezeelogin backend - CageFS-Cloudlinux

Unable to login via ssh into ezeelogin shell on cloudlinux server with Cagefs Enabled.Error:"/usr/local/bin/ezsh: No such file or directory" With CageFS (CloudLinux) enabled, you might want to exclude ssh gateway users. Add the username to file:... Read More

Google 2 factor authentication fails randomly

Google 2 factor authentication does not work all the time The server time is incorrect. The time on the server needs to be synchronized with a time server. Even, if the time on the server has an offset of 5-10 seconds, the google 2factor... Read More

"Blank page" error in webssh console

" Blank page." error in web ssh console    Reset the password of user  you have to reset the password of the user after upgrading to ezeelogin 7.4.0 Read More

Error opening terminal: xterm-256color.

Keep getting the error  " Error opening terminal: xterm-256color." in  /home/{username}/ezsh.log in the shell while the gui works fine.  edit the file /etc/environment and append lines as follows vi /etc/environment TERM=xterm-color... Read More

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