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Authentication by ssh key failed

How to solve Authentication by SSH key failed in Ezeelogin?

Authentication by SSH key failed.
Authentication by password failed

1. Make sure that you can manually SSH to the remote server from the Ezeelogin gateway server. 

root@jumpserver:~#  ssh user@remoteserver_ip or hostname

2. Verify the password has been entered correctly from GUI and Shell. You can refer to the below screenshots.

3. To view password from the shell, ssh into the jump server, select the server whose password needs to be viewed, and press the tab key.                     

4. If you are adding the server using a key, Make sure that the key is correct and does not contain any strange characters or space while copy-pasting.

5. Check for the error log of the remote server to which you are trying to login

If it is Centos it will be /var/log/secure

If it is Ubuntu it will be /var/log/auth.log

Check out the following article for troubleshooting