main admin user account suspended after entering incorrect security code

Main Admin user account suspended after entering incorrect security code. What should i do?

 The main ezadmin user would still be able to login into the web interface and unsuspend the user by editing the user. Note that this is possible only for the admin user and not for any other user.
To unsuspend all accounts please do the following steps.

1. Find database name and database prefix from /usr/local/etc/ezlogin/ez.conf in ezeelogin gateway server.

2. Login to mysql console

3. use db_name

4. Run this query

update dbprefix_users set status=1, priv=0;

you have to use correct db_name and dbprefix from ez.conf

To unsuspend only a single user, you may use the following query.

 update dbprefix_users set status=1, priv=0 where username='matt';

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