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How to switch payment method from credit card to paypal and vice versa.
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How do I update my credit card details or change my billing methods?Log into your customer portal      Click on Licenses-> Click 'Upgrade plan' Leave the license server number as is.      Click 'Checkout' -> '... Read More
how do i change or update the credit card and use a different one?
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Go to  and change the billing to another credit card. You will be able to use this only if your current payment mode is using a credit card. This will not work if your current... Read More
Understanding Upgrading/Downgrading license calculations?
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Why is there a cost while downgrading? Why is that i am charged more than what i have purchased?The Ezeelogin license upgrade is done in the following way.1.When an upgrade is done, a new expiry period is set 30 days/1 month from the date of upgrade... Read More