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How to switch payment method from credit card to paypal and vice versa.
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How do I update my credit card details or change my billing methods?Log into your customer portal      Click on Licenses-> Click 'Upgrade plan' Leave the license server number as is.      Click 'Checkout' -> '... Read More
Understanding Upgrading/Downgrading license calculations?
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Why is there a cost while downgrading? Why is that i am charged more than what i have purchased?The Ezeelogin license upgrade is done in the following way.1.When an upgrade is done, a new expiry period is set 30 days/1 month from the date of upgrade... Read More
how do i change or update the credit card and use a different one?
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Go to  and change the billing to another credit card. You will be able to use this only if your current payment mode is using a credit card. This will not work if your current... Read More
Install not allowed on this server
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To allow install on your server you can contact the support team Please contact Ezeelogin support team  24*7 Live Chat support/Helpdesk  Read More
Error: Wrong passphrase or corrupted key
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   1. Ensure that your SSH Private key does not contain weird characters while copy-pasting     2. If the ssh key generated is in openssh format , you need to regnerate the ssh key using the following command root@localhost:~  ssh... Read More
How to Add /Edit License in the new Ezeelogin customer portal?
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  Add license to the new customer portal   1.  Login into the customer portal area customer login area and click on the Licenses tab on the left menu.     2. On the License, tab click on the Add button on the right side of the customer... Read More
How to enable auto-renew in new billing portal?
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How to enable auto-renew in new billing portal? You need to login to your customer portal  and click on orders tab ,select  toggle auto-renew   You can also  enable auto renew while paying the invoice       Read More
How to add credits in Ezeelogin ?
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How to add credits in Ezeelogin ? 1.Login to Ezeelogin  customer portal and click on the credits tab  then click on the add button 2. To add credit specify the amount and description in specified field then add credit with your debit/credit card... Read More