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How can we purchase a license after trial?

Is it possible to change a trial license to production?


You can change the trial license to the production by paying the invoice. The invoice will be created for the next month. You just need to pay the invoice by entering the customer portal.

1. You need to login into your customer portal and click on the invoice tab.


2. Select the Pay option and click on the Process payment option.



Note that the current trial period does not change if the payment is done before the trial ends. The new license will be valid according to the billing period that we have chosen. (Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly, Yearly,).

 If the customer purchases a license before the trial ends, the trial period will not change and the customer will be able to use the Ezeelogin during the trial period.

 If there is any autogenerated invoice, the invoice will be valid for two days after the due date.