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How to take a free trial ?

How do I issue a free trial license in Ezeelogin?

1. Register your email on our customer portal.  Provide your email, solve the ReCaptcha and click on the Submit button.

2. Provide the registration code which is sent to you by mail. Create a new password for the Ezeelogin customer portal and confirm it 

3. After registering, login to the customer portal with the above-mentioned password and click on the Get free trial button to avail the 30-day free trial. 



4. Provide the number of remote servers you want to manage using Ezeelogin, choose the billing period as monthly, mention the IP address of the primary and secondary to issue license for those servers. Finally, confirm 30 days free trial check box is marked and click on the buy button.


5. Click on the license tab, you can manage and view your license here. You can also add unlimited remote servers during the trial period. 


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