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 Tweaks & Configuration

Can i install ezeelogin Jump server solution in a lan?

LAN with Internet Connectivity Yes, you can install Ezeelogin Jump server software in a lan which has internet connectivity. Do ensure that the jump box is able to connect to the license server ( on port 443. The license server... Read More

setup web ssh console in ezeelogin and ssh via browser

WEB SSH Console is available within the GUI  from Ezeelogin 7.4.1 and above only. This feature lets you ssh use a browser and does not need an ssh terminal. White list your ip address from which you are accessing ,as certain firewall programs may... Read More

Configure ssh certificate based authentication

Configure Certificate-Based SSH User Authentication Support for certificate authentication of users and hosts using the new OpenSSH certificate format was introduced in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5, in the  openssh-5.3p1-94.el6  package.... Read More

How to configure Yubikey two factor authentication in ssh ?

How to enable/disable Yubikey 2FA (Two-factor Authentication) in Ezeelogin? Do check out the video to Configure Yubikey two-factor authentication in ssh jump host  1. Navigate to  Settings -> General -> Two FactorAuthentication ->... Read More

How can i disable MySQL strict mode ?

MySQL strict mode is enabled by default. You can disable it in a couple of ways.   1. To Disable Strict Mode via SQL :       You can disable strict mode on your MySQL server by running the following command on your Linode’s command... Read More

Configuration and error log files to check for troubleshooting

The Ezeelogin configuration file is located at /usr/local/etc/ezlogin/ez.conf Ezeelogin has two logs files one for the web interface and one for the backend ssh interface called the ezsh shell (short for the Ezeelogin backend shell) FRONTEND OR WEB... Read More

How to install free SSL with Let’s Encrypt?

You can automatically enable HTTPS on your website with EFF’s Certbot, deploying Let’s Encrypt certificates   1. Install snapd     Installing snap on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) / Centos      Adding EPEL Repo RHEL  ... Read More

ssh-agent - How to configure ssh-agent forwarding ?

Complete step by step tutorial on how to configure ssh-agent and ssh-agent forwarding SSH Agent SSH agent allows you to store ssh keys, and certificates on memory in unencrypted format. ssh-agent acts as an ssh key manager which allows you to use... Read More

Enable or Disable or force ssl for the web interface

You can force the Ezeelogin web gui to be accessed only via the https protocol. Before enabling and enforcing ssl, ensure that ssl certificates is enabled for the domain / hostname used to access the gui. Do refer the article to install and configure... Read More

add amazon ec2 in jump server or aws jumpbox

How to add amazon ec2 instance in ezeelogin jump server or bastion host ?  1. Get the private Key from amazon ec2 instance           You can download the key while creating an amazon instance .You will not able to... Read More

cron for changing root passwords on servers periodically

What is the cronjob for resetting root password on servers periodically? 1. In Ezeelogin V6.x or 7.x.The file /var/spool/cron/<admin_user> on your Ezeelogin gateway should have the following contents. 1 1 * * 0 php /usr/local/ezlogin... Read More

setting session time out for the web interface

1. What is web session timeout?      It is an event occurring during an interval when a user does not perform any action. 2. How to set/enable session timeout in Ezeelogin Web Interface?    Login to Ezeelogin gateway machine/Server > Modify... Read More

How can i reset password / security code ?

Is it possible to change the password/security code by the user itself ?      Yes. You can change your password /security code from Ezeelogin GUI.   Login to ezeelogin GUI > Account > Password > Enter new password/security code... Read More

Change default global key in Ezeelogin

Ezeelogin private/public key pair explained 1. How to use a private/public key pair to be used as the Global Public key which would be copied over to all remote servers? a) Login to Ezeelogin software GUI -> copy the Global key. Refer below... Read More

Set SSH User Expiry

How can we set expiry for SSH users? This feature lets you manage the duration for which an ssh gateway user will have access to the gateway after which it expires. The duration of the ssh access to the gateway can be set to expire in minutes, hours... Read More

Change the web URL / URI of Ezeelogin Installation

How to change the web URL of the Ezeelogin installation? I'm trying to modify our server so we do not need to reference the /ezlogin at the end of our URL. I modified the apache configs accordingly, however it stops the Ezeelogin panel from... Read More

Default outbound ssh port for target servers added in

You can change the default outbound port number for target servers that are added in Settings->General->Defaults-> Defaults SSH Port. For example, if you are using port 32002 for your fleet of servers, then change Default SSH Port variable... Read More

How can i add more than one public key to ezeelogin user ?

Is it possible to add more than one SSH public key to ezeelogin ? How can i add more than one public key to ezeelogin user ?   Yes.You can add more than one public key to ezeelogin user.    Add the SSH Public keys to (Replace ... Read More

Integrate Okta SSO with jumpserver

Note: SAML is an authentication mechanism for web applications. It's based on web protocols and it cannot be used for user authentication over SSH. 1. Login to okta and add Application              2. Select  SAML 2.0 and click... Read More

How to pass environment variable through jump server?

How can I forward env variables over ssh in Ezeelogin?   1.  Add environment variable to Ezeelogin GUI > settings > General > Security > Passthrough Environment Variables     2. Allow environment variable in /etc/ssh/sshd_config of... Read More

Integrate OneLogin SSO with jumpserver

Note: SAML is an authentication mechanism for web applications. It's based on web protocols and it cannot be used for user authentication over SSH.   1. Login to OneLogin and Add Application.     2. Search for SAML TEST and select SAML... Read More

Configure Jump Server to use SSL for AWS RDS

How to configure Ezeelogin Jump Server to use SSL for AWS RDS database connection? Refer this article to set up AWS RDS . You can download certificates for using SSL in AWS RDS from here . 1. Move certificates to a directory and specify... Read More

Integrate Red Hat IDM in Ezeelogin jump server

Follow the steps to interate Red Hat IDM (Ldap protocol) in ezeelogin Refer this document to install an IDM server   Run ldapsearch on IDM server to find the ’DN’ of the admin user or other user having admin privileges ... Read More

Integrate AWS SSO with Jumpserver

Integrate AWS SSO in Ezeelogin SSH  Gateway 1.  Login to AWS console >  select AWS Single Sign-On and click on Applications   2. Click on Add Application     3. Click on Add a custom SAML 2.0 application       4.... Read More

Configure SMTP on Ezeelogin Jump server

How to configure SMTP relay with Sendmail? Install Sendmail Ubuntu / Debian systems apt install sendmail   Centos/RHEL yum install sendmail 1. Create Authentication file.   Create a directory in /etc/mail directory    sudo mkdir ... Read More

Integrate Windows AD with Ubuntu using SSSD

How to integrate Windows AD with Ubuntu 18/20/22 using SSSD?   Ensure that the following ports on the Ubuntu host are open and accessible to the AD domain controllers.  DNS =53, LDAP =389, Kerberos 88 & 464, LDAP Global Catalog 3268 and NTP... Read More

How to reset 2fa of an ezeelogin user?

Reset two-factor authentication of a user or Clear 2fa of a user Login to Ezeelogin as administrator on Ezeelogin GUI and click on the reset password icon  of the user   2. Select Clear Two-Factor Authentication Secret and save it. Now the user... Read More