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 Getting Started

setup and configure ssh jump server


What is an SSH Jump server? SSH Jump server, sometimes called  SSH Jump host or  SSH Bastion host or SSH gateway is an intermediate server running the sshd daemon where all users would have to login via ssh first to access the remote server or... Read More

How to upgrade PHP to 8.1 in Ubuntu

    How to upgrade PHP to 8.1 in Ubuntu?      Prerequisites       Any installed PHP version with apache and nginx web server. Enter the following commands on the terminal to upgrade PHP:  1 . To install the latest  PHP 8.1, you need... Read More

How to add a ssh gateway user in ezeelogin ?

1.  Select  User tab in ezeelogin webgui &  click user add on the right. 2 .Fill in the user name, email, security code, password etc.. of the user to be added You can view the user added in Users tab.  ... Read More

Can i install the ssh jumpbox behind a firewall?

Can i install the ssh jumpbox behind a firewall? What is the ip for which the license has to be issued when my ssh gateway would be installed in a LAN?    Ezeelogin ssh jumphost can be behind a firewall and would work in LAN. Refer the... Read More

How to take a free trial ?

How do I issue a free trial license in Ezeelogin? 1. Register your email on our customer portal.  Provide your email, solve the ReCaptcha and click on the Submit button. 2. Provide the registration code which is sent to you by mail. Create a new... Read More

Record and download RDP recordings

How to record and download RDP recordings? 1. Install the RecordRTC plugin. Click on the link and add it to your chrome   2. Open RDP recording from the... Read More

What are the scenarios when the security code is prompted?

Security code for  Ezsh shell 1.The static security code is used only when 2FA is not enabled.2. Refer the following articles to disable 2fa Read More

View SSH logs of all users

How to view SSH logs of all users? If a particular user needs to view SSH logs of all users then you need to enable User List and View SSH Log for that user under user action.        Access Control->User Action->Users->User List, View... Read More

Access Ezeelogin Backend Shell

How to access Ezeelogin backend shell(ezsh)? There are two options to access Ezeelogin backend. 1. You can access the SSH backend using any regular ssh clients such as Putty on Windows, Terminal on Mac, or console in Linux. ssh ezeelogin_username... Read More

How to add Cyberpanel as web portal in Ezeelogin?

Adding Cyberpanel as webportal in Ezeelogin for autologin Cyberpanel will work only from Ezeelogin version 7.29.10 Webproxy, Webpanel, Webportal, Controlpanel To add cyberpanel as a web portal in ezeelogin for autologin, install cyberpanel in a... Read More

Upgrade PHP from 7.x to 8.x in RHEL8

How to upgrade PHP from 7.x to 8.x in RHEL8? 1. Take the backup of Ezeelogin before upgrading PHP  root@gateway:~# /usr/local/sbin/backup_ezlogin.php  2. Run the below commands in the Rhel8 server root@gateway:~# dnf install https://dl... Read More

Integrate azure AD with LDAP

Enable LDAPS on Azure AD and integrate it into your application. Configure secure LDAP for an Azure Active Directory Domain Services  Refer to this article to Integrate Azure AD in Ezeelogin jump server Make your Azure Active Directory Domain... Read More