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 Getting Started

setup and configure ssh jump server


   How to install, setup & configure  SSH Jump server on a Linux box ?   FREE 24/7 INSTALLATION & DEMO  BY SUPPORT TEAM We can guide you or install & configure Ezeelogin SSH Jump server software for you and give you a demo on... Read More

Can i install the ssh jumpbox behind a firewall?

Can i install the ssh jumpbox behind a firewall? What is the ip for which the license has to be issued when my ssh gateway would be installed in a LAN?    Ezeelogin ssh jumphost can be behind a firewall and would work in LAN. Refer the... Read More

How to add a ssh gateway user in ezeelogin ?

1.  Select  User tab in ezeelogin webgui &  click user add on the right. 2 .Fill in the user name, email, security code, password etc.. of the user to be added You can view the user added in Users tab.  ... Read More

How to take a free trial from Ezeelogin?

How do I issue a free trial in Ezeelogin? 1. Register your email on our customer portal.  Provide your email, solve the ReCaptcha and click on the Submit button. 2. Provide the registration code which is sent to you by mail. Create a new password... Read More