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Supported Operating Systems and Platforms

What operating systems and platforms are supported to install jump server?

Synopsis: An SSH Jump server, alternatively referred to as an SSH Jump host, SSH Bastion host, or SSH gateway, functions as an intermediary server hosting the SSH daemon. Users are required to initiate an SSH login to this server initially in order to gain access to remote or target servers located behind it. Typically, the SSH Jump server is situated on a publicly accessible network, while the target or destination servers reside on a private network shielded by a firewall, thereby enhancing security measures.

Jump server software can be currently installed on

Linux                    :  32-bit and 64-bit architecture, ARM 64 

Distributions       :  Ubuntu, Centos, Redhat, Almalinux, Opensuse, Debian

  Ezeelogin jump server can be installed on any Linux distribution using the installation article

            You can also refer to our change log to go through the latest feature updates in Ezeelogin.

               Contact our support department if you face any further difficulties. 

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