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Add a Linux server or a Linux instance into the Ezeelogin ssh jumphost?

How to add a server group?

Step 1: Create a server group first if there is no server group present on Ezeelogin.

How to add a Linux server with the password?

Step 2: Click on the Servers and then click on Add Server on the right.

Step 3: Fill in the server details of the server to be added.

Note: You can also add a server with a non-root user.

How to add a Linux server with the public key (global key) of Ezeelogin?

1. Copy the public key (global key) of Ezeelogin from the GUI or backend from /usr/local/etc/ezlogin/

2. Paste the global key inside the authorized_keys of the user in the remote server.

root@remote ~]# vim /root/.ssh/authorized_keys

How to add a Linux server with the private keys stored in Ezeelogin?

1. Navigate to Key Management and add private keys with passphrases. Private keys stored here are one-way encrypted and one user can decrypt these private keys.

2. After adding private keys in the Key Management gateway user can select this private key while adding the server.

How to add a Linux server with private keys?

1. Add server with private key and passphrase and click on save to add the server.

How to view all the Linux servers added?

How to access the server from the backend with SSH clients like Putty, Console, and Terminal Xterm?

ssh -p <port_number> <admin_user>@<gateway_ip> 

ssh jump server interface

Click on the 'Open Web SSH Console' icon to SSH via the browser. Refer below article to setup WebSSH.

WebSSH terminal will open like below. Users can navigate the server group with the Up and Down arrow buttons and enter to login into the server.


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