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setup and configure ssh jump server


What is an SSH Jump Server? SSH Jump server, sometimes called  SSH Jump host or  SSH Bastion host or SSH gateway is an intermediate server running the sshd daemon where all users would have to login via ssh first to access the remote server or... Read More

How to install ioncube on jump server?

How to install Ioncube on jumpserver or bastion host? Synopsis: IonCube Loader is typically installed to enable PHP scripts encoded with IonCube to run on a server. These scripts are often proprietary or contain sensitive intellectual property and... Read More

Upgrade Ezeelogin Jump server to the latest version

Upgrade Ezeelogin jump server on Primary / Master Node Follow the below steps to upgrade your existing version of Ezeelogin 1. Backup current Ezeelogin installation Execute the following script on your server to generate a backup of your... Read More

How to secure SSH jump server / SSH bastion host / SSH gateway

What is an SSH Bastion Host?    An SSH Bastion host is simply a single, hardened server that you “jump” through in order to access other servers or devices on the inner network. it’s simply a server that all of your users can log into... Read More

Supported Operating Systems and Platforms

What operating systems and platforms are supported to install jump server? Synopsis: An SSH Jump server, alternatively referred to as an SSH Jump host, SSH Bastion host, or SSH gateway, functions as an intermediary server hosting the SSH daemon.... Read More

How to renew/update standalone license ?

Renew/update  the standalone license In order to renew the standalone license, you have to replace the old license file with the newest in the Ezeelogin installed server.  1. Backup the  existing license file root@jumpserver :~# cp ... Read More

Configure Ezeelogin on AWS RDS

Configure Ezeelogin on AWS - RDS  Remote Database How to configure Ezeelogin to use SSL for AWS RDS. Refer this article. 1. Setting up the RDS environment  Login to AWS account > Open the RDS  and proceed to create the RDS MySQL... Read More

Install ezeelogin without internet access on Centos 7

You can install ezeelogin on a server without internet access. Follow the step to install ezeelogin  1. Download  the following packages required for install ezeelogin manually and upload to the machine which you are planning to install... Read More

Install and Setup Active Directory

How to install and setup active directory?   Pre-requisites : Windows server 2012/ 2016 / 2019   1. From the Server Manager Dashboard, click on Add roles and features.   2. Select Role-based or feature-based installation and click Next.   3.... Read More

Install Master/Slave Ezeelogin with MySQL SSL

How to install master Ezeelogin with secure MySQL Refer article to take a trial license and install dependencies according to the OS you are running. Read More

Install Ezeelogin on older version of operating system

How to install  SSH Jump server   in Centos 6.x ?  We do not recommend using Centos 6 as it is no longer supported by the Linux community with security patches, vulnerabilities, or bug fixes. Therefore, continuing to use CentOS 6 could pose a... Read More