Install Ezeelogin on SELINUX enabled Environment

Install Ezeelogin on SELINUX enabled Environment 


We can install Ezeelogin on SELINUX enabled environment, We need to whitelist all required services manually on SELINUX.

You can check the allowed and blocked AVC by entering " audit2allow -a " command 


audit2allow -a

Please find the below example to allow an AVC. You can allow all ACCESS as follows

1) Enter the following command to check the blocked and allowed AVC


[root@ezeelogin ~]# audit2allow -a


#============= httpd_t ==============


allow httpd_t self:process ptrace;


#!!!! This avc can be allowed using one of the these booleans:

# httpd_can_network_connect, nis_enabled

allow httpd_t ssh_port_t:tcp_socket name_connect;


2) Enter the following command to allow the blocked access of httpd

[root@ezeelogin ~]# audit2allow -a -M httpd_t


[root@ezeelogin ~]# semodule -i httpd_t.pp 


This AVC for httpd service will be allowed by entering the above commands. You need to allow all the required service for ezeelogin as above example. 


Check if there any services blocking on selinux like STEP 1 from the above example and Follow STEP 2 to allow it as the above example. Allow all by repeating the steps and ensure that there is no services blocking on SELINUX.


Please contact ezeelogin support for any assistance.

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