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How to copy files from my desktop to my ssh gateway user account so that it can be transferred to other remote servers behind the ssh gateway?
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Copy / Transfer files from local desktop to the remote server via the ssh gateway You can use 'scp' or 'winscp' or 'sftp' to transfer files from your desktop or local machines to the remote ssh jump server. Once the file... Read More
How does the license upgrade work?
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Why is there a cost while downgrading? Why is that i am charged more than what i have purchased?The Ezeelogin license upgrade is done in the following way.1.When an upgrade is done, a new expiry period is set 30 days/1 month from the date of upgrade... Read More
Can we map existing user group in ldap to ezeelogin as ezeelogin user group ?
Viewed 3652 times since Mon, Sep 25, 2017
we have multiple group in ldap for different user which have different authorization groups, so if we map these user group via ldap  are these user will get authorized server to access ?        Yes, all you need to is create usergroup within... Read More
How to stream the ssh sessions in real time?
Viewed 3536 times since Wed, Nov 22, 2017
In order to stream the ssh session of users in real time, click on SSH Log Note that ssh live streaming is possible only for ongoing ssh session only and not for session that have ended.   SSH Live streaming is possible only for ongoing ssh... Read More
How to grant Parallel Shell privilege for a user?
Viewed 3477 times since Wed, Nov 22, 2017
Parallel shell by default is disabled for all Users except for the admin user created at the time of installation and has to granted explicitly. To grant Parallel Shell access to a user, Go to Access Control->User -Action->Servers->Allow... Read More
Webportals unavailable for user
Viewed 2964 times since Fri, Dec 8, 2017
Go to the webpanel and navigate to the tab Access-Control->User-Actions-><select user>->Web Portals and enable it so that the Web portals tab start showing up for the users   Then navigate to Access-Control->User-Portal-> <... Read More
Can I use Google 2FA, Yubikey , DUO simultaneously?
Viewed 2857 times since Thu, Dec 14, 2017
Google 2FA, Yubikey and DUO can be configured and set for use simultaneously in the web panel.  The ssh jumphost user can set the all the three 2FA and can use any of it to authenticate depending on the users choice. If the User has forgotten to... Read More
Add servers behind a Tunnel Host in SSH Gateway or Add servers that are accessible via port forwarding via the ssh gateway server.
Viewed 2834 times since Wed, Jan 17, 2018
Tunnel Host feature lets you add in server in a LAN or behind router on a different network into the Ezeelogin SSH gateway.  As shown in the diagram below, Server A & B can be added into the SSH Jumphost even though they are behind a NAT hence... Read More
Installing Jump server or Bastion host on a linux host in Google or AWS instance ?
Viewed 2723 times since Thu, Sep 21, 2017
Is it  possible to install Ezeelogin jump server on a linux host in Google or AWS cloud instance?         Yes, it is possible to install Ezeelogin on a linux hosting Google, AWS, Azure, Bluemix or any other cloud.   Refer the following URL ... Read More
Will i be locked out of my servers if my ezeelogin hosted server goes down ?
Viewed 2370 times since Mon, Aug 21, 2017
We would advise you setup a failover slave node and have an offshore backup ready so that you can easily restore the backup and get rolling in less than 30 minutes. Read More
Will i be locked out if i loose connectivity to the license server or if the Ezeelogin license servers goes down?
Viewed 2279 times since Mon, Aug 21, 2017
No, the license would be cached for 3 days on your machine and also the license servers is redundant. Read More
How to view the Help Menu in the ezsh backend shell?
Viewed 1619 times since Thu, Nov 23, 2017
Simply ssh into the ssh jumphost as an ssh gateway user. Once you are logged into the ezsh shell, press  F1 or  +  on the keyboard. Read More
How to enable Public key based authentication and Allow root login in SSHD
Viewed 1580 times since Fri, Dec 8, 2017
Enabling key based authentication in SSH and enabling root login in SSH. vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config PubkeyAuthentication yes PermitRootLogin yes Restart the ssh deamon so that the new settings comes into effect.  service sshd restart Read More
Is it possible to view all ssh logs of a deleted user ?
Viewed 1518 times since Sun, Dec 17, 2017
When the user is deleted, the logs are still kept.  Although it’s not directly searchable with the username from the Ezeelogin web panel because the user is not listed in the drop-down,  you can search with other parameters such as server... Read More
How to find the ssh jumphost software version that is being run?
Viewed 1509 times since Thu, Mar 1, 2018
In the web gui, navigate to Help->About and it will help you find the Ezeelogin version being run   In the Ezeelogin backend interface ( ezsh ), press F3  or |   If you have access to the ssh jump box,  then login into command line and then... Read More
What are the security measures to ensure data security?
Viewed 1495 times since Mon, Aug 21, 2017
Following are the encryption algorithms used in ezeelogin to ensure that the data stored in ezeelogin cannot be compromised.    The User passwords and security codes stored in the ezeelogin database uses multiple rounds SHA512, SHA256, BLOWFISH or... Read More
Where is my data stored?
Viewed 1452 times since Mon, Aug 21, 2017
The server details are stored in mysql databases on your servers only. We do not store any information but the license information only. Read More
What are the details transmitted to the license server? What is the size of data transmitted?
Viewed 1449 times since Mon, Aug 21, 2017
There are no information transferred to the ezeelogin license servers. Only the license data is fetched from the license servers. The size of the license data would be less than 10Kb. Read More
What are the encryption technologies used to secure my data?
Viewed 1426 times since Mon, Aug 21, 2017
We have made use of the latest cipher and encryption technologies available in the industry today to ensure data security The User passwords and security codes stored in the ezeelogin database uses multiple rounds SHA512, SHA256, BLOWFISH or DES... Read More
Is it possible to disable security codes in ssh gateway?
Viewed 1376 times since Wed, Jan 31, 2018
It is not possible to disable security code  that is prompted when you ssh into your Jump server.  Doing it would introduce a security hole as it would let users with root access to your Jump server box to simply execute a su - <username>... Read More
What are the outbound ports that needs to be opened for fetching the license?
Viewed 1374 times since Mon, Aug 21, 2017
Only port 80 traffic needs to opened to Read More
Add custom fields on server add form
Viewed 640 times since Wed, Mar 27, 2019
How to add custom fields on the server add form 1) Click on the settings -> server field -> add custom server field   2) You will able to view the custom field while adding the server by servers -> add server -> advanced  section 3)... Read More
How to reset Ezeelogin admin user password on new customer portal ?
Viewed 592 times since Fri, Jan 18, 2019
1.  Log in to ezeelogin  New customer portal   2.  Click on  License tab               3. Click on Recover Password option corresponding to your license.                 4.  Click GENERATE button.              5.... Read More
How to change the default backup directory of Ezeelogin installation ?
Viewed 0 times since Mon, Apr 6, 2020
Change the default backup directory To change the default backup directory while running the ezeelogin bacup script backup_ezlogin.php, use the " -out " parameter with the backup script followed by the specified directory. root@localhost:~# ... Read More