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How to copy files from desktop to Gateway servers using WinSCP

 Copy/Transfer files from my local desktop to Ezeelogin Gateway You can use 'WinSCP' or 'FileZilla' Application or 'sftp' or scp command to transfer files from your desktop or local machines to the remote ssh jump server. Once the file is on the... Read More

Configure ssh certificate based authentication

Configure Certificate-Based SSH User Authentication Support for certificate authentication of users and hosts using the new OpenSSH certificate format was introduced in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5, in the  openssh-5.3p1-94.el6  package.... Read More

How to install OpenLDAP and phpldapadmin in CentOS?

How to install OpenLDAP and phpldapadmin in CentOS 7? 1. Install openldap packages. root@centos ~]# yum install openldap openldap-servers openldap-clients -y 2. Start and enable openldap service. root@centos ~]# systemctl start slapd &... Read More

How to stream the ssh sessions in real time?

Stream SSH in real-time In order to stream the ssh session of users in real time, click on SSH Log Note that ssh live streaming is possible only for ongoing ssh sessions only and not for sessions that have ended. SSH Live streaming is possible... Read More

Can I use Google 2FA, Yubikey , DUO simultaneously?

Google 2FA, Yubikey and DUO can be configured and set for use simultaneously in the web panel.  The ssh jumphost user can set the all the three 2FA and can use any of it to authenticate depending on the users choice. If the User has... Read More

Webportals unavailable for user

Web Portals Unavailable for the User This occurs if you have not been given the necessary privileges to the user. Go to the web panel and navigate to the tab Access-Control >> User-Actions >> <select user> >> Web Portals and... Read More

How to grant Parallel Shell privilege for a user?

Grant Parallel Shell Privilege For a User. Parallel shell by default is disabled for all users except for the admin user created at the time of installation and has to be granted explicitly. To grant Parallel Shell access to a user, Go to Access... Read More

How does the license upgrade work?

Why is there a cost while downgrading? Why is that i am charged more than what i have purchased?The Ezeelogin license upgrade is done in the following way.1.When an upgrade is done, a new expiry period is set 30 days/1 month from the date of upgrade... Read More

How to install OpenLDAP and phpLDAPadmin on ubuntu?

Install OpenLDAP and LDAP Admin on Ubuntu Make sure to set your system hostname and add it to file  /etc/hosts.  Replace with your hostname or valid domain name. root@ubuntu:~# hostnamectl set-hostname �... Read More

Add custom fields on server add form

How to add custom fields on the server add form while adding a server?   1) Click on the settings -> server field -> add custom server field       2) You will able to view the custom field while adding the server by... Read More

How to retreive db credentials?

How to view the encrypted Ezeelogin database password  from Ezeelogin configuration file  ( /usr/local/etc/ezlogin/ez.conf ) version 2 ? The DB password are encrypted in Ezeelogin configuration (From ezeelogin version version 7.17 for... Read More

Where is my data stored?

The server details are stored in mysql databases on your servers only. We do not store any information but the license information only. Read More

Is it possible to disable security codes in ssh gateway?

It is not possible to disable security code  that is prompted when you ssh into your Jump server.  Doing it would introduce a security hole as it would let users with root access to your Jump server box to simply execute a su - <... Read More

How to use web portal proxy in ezeelogin ?

How to enable the web portal with the " use proxy " feature in Ezeelogin? This feature enables the users to use the Ezeelogin gateway server itself as the proxy server while accessing the web portal.  Note: Ensure that the node version is 19 and... Read More

Is it possible to view all ssh logs of a deleted user ?

When the user is deleted, the logs are still kept.  Although it’s not directly searchable with the username from the Ezeelogin web panel because the user is not listed in the drop-down,  you can search with other parameters such as... Read More

How to disable 2FA from Ezeelogin GUI?

Disable 2FA from Ezeelogin GUI? 1. You can disable 2FA under Settings >> General>> Two Factor Authentication. Untick the checkboxes for 2FA which are  Enable Google Authenticator, Enable Duo, Enable Yubikey, Enable Access Keyword and... Read More

What are the security measures to ensure data security?

Following are the encryption algorithms used in ezeelogin to ensure that the data stored in ezeelogin cannot be compromised.    The User passwords and security codes stored in the ezeelogin database uses multiple rounds SHA512, SHA256,... Read More

What are the encryption technologies used to secure my data?

We have made use of the latest cipher and encryption technologies available in the industry today to ensure data security The User passwords and security codes stored in the ezeelogin database uses multiple rounds SHA512, SHA256, BLOWFISH or DES... Read More


WEBSOCKET SERVER DISCONNECTED: transport close This error occurs when the user is not present in the system, enabling the auto-create feature will solve the issue. This feature auto-creates a system user when a LDAP user login to the web. The... Read More

Install Ezeelogin on SELINUX enabled Environment

Install Ezeelogin on SELINUX enabled Environment    We can install Ezeelogin on SELINUX enabled environment, We need to whitelist all required services manually on SELINUX.You can check the allowed and blocked AVC by entering "... Read More

Integrate Ezeelogin SSH Jump host with ELK for SIEM

Integrating Ezeelogin SSH gateway with ELK stack for SIEM In the example below, we would be installing ElasticSearch and Kibana on the monitoring server [ ( Centos 7 OS)] and the Logstash daemon on the Ezeelogin Jumphost server. ... Read More

User prvilege escalation for particular time

How a normal user acquire root privilege for a particular period of time. A normal user can attain root privilege for particular time if the administrator grants permission , the following are the steps Note: The server must be added into the... Read More

How to suspend user through db?

To suspend all accounts  through db please do the following steps. 1. Find database name and database prefix from /usr/local/etc/ezlogin/ez.conf in ezeelogin gateway server. 2. Login to mysql console 3. use db_name  4. Run this query. ... Read More

perl: warning: Setting locale failed.

" perl: warning: Setting locale failed " on accessing remote servers from Ezeelogin  1. For the above warning message in remote servers, clear the Environment variables provided in the Ezeelogin GUI by clicking Settings > General >... Read More

Backup/restore crashes abruptly without any error

Ezeelogin restore/backup crashes abruptly without any error   Find the restore backup logs under the /var/log/ directory.  If the restore or backup logs contain similar content as given below increase the PHP limit in the php.ini... Read More

How to decrypt the encrypted SSH logs in Ezeelogin?

How to decrypt the encrypted SSH logs in Ezeelogin to a CSV file? Run the following command to decrypt the logs. Replace the log file name with your log file path. root@gateway:# /usr/local/ezlogin/eztool.php -show_log /var/log/ezlogin/full... Read More

Reset password in ubuntu

How to reset password in ubuntu? This article provides a step-by-step guide on resetting password in ubuntu using the GRUB bootloader. The process involves booting into single-user mode or recovery mode and then using the command line to reset the... Read More