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How to convert the ppk files to openssh format

How to convert putty generated .ppk files to .pem/openssh format   Windows - convert a .ppk file to a .pem file   Start PuTTYgen. Under Actions, choose Load, and then navigate to your .ppk file.      2. Choose the... Read More

How to export servers ?

An export script is provided  to export the list of all servers and server details in to a plain text file appropriate to be imported into Ezeelogin.   php /usr/local/ezlogin/ezxport.php <output file> [<delimiter>] ... Read More

How to upgrade OpenSSH in Centos ?

How to upgrade OpenSSH in Centos ?  1. First you need to install few dependencies, like development tools or build essentials and the other required packages :  [email protected]:~ yum groupinstall "Development Tools" root... Read More

Trial License Vs Paid License

  Trial License How many servers can i add using a trial license?  You can add unlimited servers. All features are available.   Do I have to pay for the trial license? No, its free for first 30 days.   How long is the... Read More

Why is Ezeelogin the most secure ssh gateway?

Why is Ezeelogin the most secure ssh gateway available?   SSH User password and security codes are hashed using CRYPT(SHA512, SHA256, BLOWFISH .DES algortithms). So even in the unlikely scenario of the gateway server being rooted,... Read More

How to prevent putty window from closing during ssh

Prevent Putty windows from closing during ssh sessions to view the error messages on the server side. By default the putty widows closes during ssh if there are any error on the server side without showing the error message as to why the session had... Read More

Why is ezeelogin the most secure gateway?

Why is Ezeelogin the most secure ssh gateway available?   SSH User password and security codes are hashed using CRYPT(SHA512, SHA256, BLOWFISH .DES algortithms). So even in the unlikely scenario of the gateway server being rooted, access... Read More

What is ezeelogin?

Its a linux server management and an ssh jump server software that lets you administer and manage multiple linux server.   Read More

Is it a hosted solution?

No, Ezeelogin is not a hosted solution. You are in control here. You would have to install the software on your server that you intend to use as the ssh gateway, hence better security. Read More

Can the software be compromised?

We had made use of military grade technologies so compromising it is almost impossible. We had made it hard to decipher the critical data even if your Ezeelogin server is rooted. Read More

Connect jumpserver using putty

How to connect jump server using putty?   Open putty, enter ezeelogin/jumpserver  IP or Hostname and Port                   2. Enter ezeelogin username and password      ... Read More

How to upgrade PHP to 7.4 on Centos 7

How to upgrade PHP to 7.4 in centos 7?   Enter the following commands on the terminal to upgrade PHP:   1 . To install the latest  PHP 7, you need to turn on EPEL and Remi repository.   [email protected]:~# yum install epel-release   root... Read More

How to re-add a reinstalled server?

  Re-add a reinstalled remote server 1. Select the reinstalled remote server and Click    to reset the ssh fingerprint.  As shown below you can see the confirmation    2 . After resetting the SSH fingerprint, you need... Read More

How to set user password lifetime for expiry

The User Password Lifetime feature lets you set a expiry date for the gateway user password . The user has to set a new password to login again after it expiry. This is useful in organization to force it employees to reset the password of their... Read More

MariaDB Connector Vulnerability CVE-2020-13249

We are giving an headsup regarding a vulnerability identified in MariaDB connector. Please be noted that this doesn't affect any of the ezeelogin installation as we don't use this connector in ezeelogin.  Recently a very critical vulnerability... Read More

Getting Started with Ezeelogin Jump Server

1.Ezeelogin GUI/ Web interface Login  Go to the Ezeelogin web panel installed URL (configured during install) using your web browser. Use the admin username and password that you provided during Ezeelogin installation to login to... Read More

Error while logging into Ezeelogin GUI

Error login expired. Please login. This error usually occurs when the server is losing the cookies/session when proxied via Cloudflare/WAF Make sure that you have appended cookie_match_ip as 0 to the end of  /usr/local/etc/ezlogin/ez.conf file ... Read More

How does " Web Activity" in Ezeelogin works?

How to find "Web Activity" logs or how to export Web Activity logs in Ezeelogin? The " Web Activity" log lists what sections and functions each user accessed in the web panel with the date & time. You can search the logs based on user, section,... Read More

Functions in webactivity logs

The different functions of the webactivity log for the user tab are shown below: 1. Users     Users>Index When you click on the user tab, it will show the below log.     Users>add When a new user is added to Ezeelogin.      Users... Read More

How to find detailed Web Activity Log in Ezeelogin?

The " Web Activity" log  records  the functions/operations performed by a user under various  sections or tabs  in the web gui. The recordings can later  be retrieved based on the date & time  for forensic or compliance( PCI DSS, ISO IS0... Read More

Is it possible to login to Ezeelogin with a disabled AD user?

Will an Ezeelogin user be suspended if the corresponding user is suspended in Active Directory / LDAP? When you suspend the AD user, the corresponding user in Ezeelogin will not be suspended however, the user will not be able to login into the... Read More

How to find the reasons for account being suspended?

Reasons for Account Suspension1. Account suspended due to invalid 2fa or security code: If a user is suspended due to invalid 2fa or security code, you can view the reason for suspension under Users>Edit User as shown below.2. Account locked due... Read More