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 Security Compliances

Can I use Google 2FA, Yubikey , DUO simultaneously?

Google 2FA, Yubikey and DUO can be configured and set for use simultaneously in the web panel.  The ssh jumphost user can set the all the three 2FA and can use any of it to authenticate depending on the users choice. If the User has... Read More

Access Keyword 2FA explained

How to enable/disable Access Keyword 2FA (Two-factor Authentication)  Access keywords is a two-factor mechanism used for securing the GUI and the ssh backend. Ideally, it would be phrases that can be easily remembered. They should never be written... Read More

View users in a specific user group

How to view users in a specific user group? You can utilize the search button to display members belonging to a particular user group. Choose User Group from the dropdown menu and enter the specific user group's name to locate members belonging... Read More

Restricting users to specific folders via SFTP

How to Restrict SFTP Connections to Specific Ports? SFTP, or Secure File Transfer Protocol, is a subsystem of SSH used for securely accessing, managing, and transferring large files of data. Chroot or change root is a security feature that restricts... Read More