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 Features & Functionalities

Integrate Windows AD on RHEL 8 using SSSD


How can I integrate Windows AD on RHEL 8 using SSSD? Ensure that the following ports on the RHEL host are open and accessible to the AD domain controllers.  DNS =53, LDAP =389, Kerberos 88 & 464, LDAP Global Catalog 3268,LDAPS 636 and NTP... Read More

How to get the remote server activity of users


How to get the Remote Server Activity of users      1. How to find the remote activity of gateway users. Select Users > Server Activity > Select the Ezeelogin admin user > Select the servers from the list you have > Choose the date... Read More

View Remote Server Password.


How to view the remote server password from the ezeelogin jump server? Click to learn: How to add a server  Note: To view the remote server password in the GUI you need to enable 2FA and access the GUI via HTTPS.         (1) To view... Read More

How to get the Shell Activity of Users


How to get the Shell Activity of Users. It is the SSH gateway activity log that stores the details of all the ezeelogin users accessing the ezeelogin shell. How to find the shell activity of users. Select Users > Shell Activity > Select the... Read More

Add windows server for RDP via browser

Add Windows server into Ezeelogin GUI for one-click RDP via the web browser. Recording RDP session feature is available from Ezeelogin version 7.10.0   Ensure that the desktop browser has enough CPU( 2GHZ) and RAM( 2- 4 GB ). Close out... Read More

How to configure Yubikey two factor authentication in ssh ?

How to enable/disable Yubikey 2FA (Two-factor Authentication) in Ezeelogin? Do check out the video to Configure Yubikey two-factor authentication in ssh jump host  1. Navigate to  Settings -> General -> Two FactorAuthentication ->... Read More

Unable to login into cpanel/whm with one click

Unable to login into cpanel/whm with one click access Make sure that you are able to login manually with the root password shown in the ezsh backend interface. Edit the server having problems, and go to advanced settings and ensure that the fields ... Read More

Webportals unavailable for user

Web Portals Unavailable for the User This occurs if you have not been given the necessary privileges to the user. Go to the web panel and navigate to the tab Access-Control >> User-Actions >> <select user> >> Web Portals and... Read More

How to grant Parallel Shell privilege for a user?

Grant Parallel Shell Privilege For a User. Parallel shell by default is disabled for all users except for the admin user created at the time of installation and has to be granted explicitly. To grant Parallel Shell access to a user, Go to Access... Read More

cron for changing root passwords on servers periodically

What is the cronjob for resetting root password on servers periodically? 1. In Ezeelogin V6.x or 7.x.The file /var/spool/cron/<admin_user> on your Ezeelogin gateway should have the following contents. 1 1 * * 0 php /usr/local/ezlogin... Read More

Create more admin users in jump server

How to create more admin users in jump server? The admin user account created at the time of installation would be the user that would have all the privileges and is called 'superadmin' as it has the privileges to create more users with... Read More

Password management and the different options.

What are the difference between the different types of password management options, namely Automatic, Keep given password and Keep server password while adding in a target server? 1. keep server password -  This option lets you add the... Read More

How to enforce 2 Factor Authentication on user login?

Enforce 2fa on User login You have two options for implementing Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for user logins: 1. Enable 2FA for all users globally. 2. Implement Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for designated user groups as per their specific... Read More

internal command ezinfo not displaying server details

Internal command ezinfo not displaying server details Make sure the user has been granted the privilege to 'view the server details' under Access-Control >> User-Action Also make sure that the under Settings->General->... Read More

How to add Time Stamp for Command Prompt?

How to add timestamp for command prompt in CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian and SUSE Linux? For Centos, edit bashrc file and add the line at end of the file. [root@centos ~]# vi /etc/bashrc PS1="[\u@\h \D{%Y%m%d-%H:%M:%S}]\$ "  ... Read More

Manage ssh access to Routers and Switch in Ezeelogin

Is it possible to add switches and manage it in ezeelogin? Most switches that support standard SSH 2 protocol would work if you add them with "Keep Server Password" option. You would just need to copy the default Ezeelogin public keys found under�... Read More

Ezeelogin public key to use in remote server

While adding in the target Linux server or cloud instance into the Ezeelogin ssh gateway, the password given in the add server form is used to login into the remote server and validate.  If the password fails then the server is not added. To,... Read More

configure ssh-tunnel on jump server or bastion host

how to configure ssh-tunnel on ezeelogin  jump server or bastion host   SSH tunneling  (also called port forwarding) feature allow you to forward port through the jump server securely.   1. Login to your jump server or... Read More

How can we upgrade PHP in an Ezeelogin installed server ?

1. Backup existing jump server installation       Execute the following script on your server to generate a backup of your installation so that you can restore the backup in case the upgrade breaks. root@gateway:~$/usr/local/sbin... Read More

Assigning user group for LDAP users?

1. How to assign a user group for LDAP users? Is it possible to change the user group for LDAP users? Is it possible to use the same group name assigned in LDAP in ezeelogin user groups as well ?There is an automatic group assignment from LDAP... Read More

How to grant a user access to control panel

How do I grant access to users to control panel? Control PanelControl Panel is a web-based interface that are used for server management. Examples of control panels are Cpanel, Plesk, Webmin, etc. For adding a control panel  Request URI is... Read More

Record and download RDP recordings

How to record and download RDP recordings? 1. Install the RecordRTC plugin. Click on the link and add it to your chrome   2. Make sure you have enabled the RDP... Read More

How to SSH to Ezeelogin Jumpserver using MobaXterm

How to SSH to Ezeelogin Jumpserver using MobaXterm? 1. Click on the session tab and follow the below steps. 2. Click on the SSH tab then give Gateway IP and enable specify the username and give admin username in the field. 3. Enter... Read More

How to generate user reports as CSV files in Ezeelogin?

How to generate reports as CSV files for Ezeelogin user's to access remote servers? Running the below scripts will prompt for the Ezeelogin administrator password. Ezeelogin administrator password (super admin user) is the password of the... Read More

Force a password change for a Ezeelogin User

Forcing a password change for a gateway user on re-login After enabling the Password change option; while re-login into that user, it will ask the user to change the password before login. The admin user  can force a user to change his password on... Read More

Adding Interworx as webportal in Ezeelogin

How to add InterWorx as webportal in Ezeelogin? Minimum System Requirement Processor: 1.1 GHz Disk Space: 20 GB minimum; 40 GB recommended Memory: 1 GB minimum RAM with 3 GB minimum swap If the system has more than 1 GB RAM, the... Read More

Integrate GSuite SSO with Jumpserver

Integrate GSuite with Ezeelogin SSH Gateway Note:SAML is an authentication mechanism for web applications. It's based on web protocols and it cannot be used for user authentication over SSH. 1. Log in to the Google Workspace Admin console and... Read More

Authentication Log in Ezeelogin

What is Authentication log? Authentication logs give you a record of authentication-related activities in your Gateway Server. It is a component that would help you track which gateway users have accessed the Gateway Server through the GUI and... Read More

How to add Cyberpanel as web portal in Ezeelogin?

Adding Cyberpanel as webportal in Ezeelogin for autologin Cyberpanel will work only from Ezeelogin version 7.29.10 Webproxy, Webpanel, Webportal, Controlpanel To add cyberpanel as a web portal in ezeelogin for autologin, install cyberpanel in a... Read More

How to enable mail notifications in Ezeelogin Jump Host

Edit the super admin user and add a valid email address to receive the notifications. Refer below screenshot. To change from address and name navigate to Settings -> General -> Miscellaneous -> Notification From Name / Notification From... Read More

Integrate Jumpcloud SSO with Ezeelogin

Note: SAML is an authentication mechanism for web applications. It's based on web protocols and it cannot be used for user authentication over SSH. 1. Login to Jumpcloud and Add the Application   2. Search for SAML 2.0    3. Change the... Read More

View users in a specific user group

How to view users in a specific user group? You can utilize the search button to display members belonging to a particular user group. Choose User Group from the dropdown menu and enter the specific user group's name to locate members belonging... Read More

run sshd on different ports

Running sshd on multiple ports so that a gateway user will be assigned different shells on each port In the example below, we will run multiple sshd daemon on different ports. The sshd servers will listen on port 22 and port 2244.   The users... Read More

Adding DirectAdmin as ControlPanel in Ezeelogin

How to add DirectAdmin as Control Panel          Step 1: You need to install DirectAdmin on a server Step 2: After installing DirectAdmin, login to Ezeelogin GUI > Settings>  Control Panel. You can use the screenshot below as an... Read More

How to add ControlPanels

How to add ControlPanels  Control Panel Control Panel is a web-based interface that is used for server management. Examples of control panels are Cpanel, Plesk, Webmin, etc. For adding a control panel  Request URI is enough. A control panel is... Read More

Integrate SSH Jump server with splunk for SIEM

How to forward SSH Jump Server logs to Splunk? Splunk is a software platform designed for searching, monitoring, and analyzing machine-generated data in real time. It provides insights into various data sources, including logs, events, and metrics,... Read More

Default administrator user account in Ezeelogin

Default administrator user account in Ezeelogin   The default administrator user account will be created at the time of Ezeelogin installation. This account will be the super admin who has all the privileges in Ezeelogin. You cannot delete or modify... Read More

Hide IP address of remote servers

How to enable or disable the IP address view of remote servers in Ezeelogin GUI and SHELL?          The IP address of the remote servers can be hidden by disabling the privilege for that particular user. This feature is available from... Read More

Role Based Access Control in SSH

Definition of SSH Gateway and Purpose in a Network    SSH gateway uses a secure shell protocol to securely connect to other servers within a network; acting as a mediator between a user’s computer and a target server to access remote services... Read More

How to add Cpanel as webportal?

Add Cpanel as a webportal Webproxy, Webpanel, Webportal, Controlpanel To add Cpanel as a web portal; follow the below steps to create a group for the web portal and later try to add the Portal.  If there is no existing group, add a group... Read More

Set maximum days without login for SSH gateway users

The Maximum Days Without Login feature would automatically lock the account if the user has not logged in for the number of days set.  A value of 0 means never lock the account. For example, if you want inactive accounts to be locked after 60 days... Read More

View Complete Server and User list via MySQL.

How to view the complete Server and User list via MySQL? To display the full server and user list via MySQL 1. Login to MySQL root@jumpserver:~ mysql -u root -p mysql > use db_name;  2.Use the following query to view the full user list . ... Read More

How to add Plesk as webportal?

Add Plesk as a webportal Webproxy, Webpanel, Webportal, Controlpanel  To add Plesk as a web portal; follow the below steps to create a group for the web portal and later try to add the Portal.  1. If there is no existing group, add a group under... Read More

Add server with private key stored in database with API

How to add a server with the private key stored in the database using API? 1. Login to Ezeelogin GUI -> Key Management -> Add new private key and passphrase. Refer to below screenshot. 2. Login to the gateway server and add the server with API... Read More

Prompt username and password while accessing remote servers

How to get prompts for username and password while accessing remote servers? If a user needs username and password to be prompted while accessing a remote server make the username and password filed empty while adding the remote server.  You can... Read More

How to add Litespeed as web portal in Ezeelogin?

Adding Litespeed as webportal in Ezeelogin for autologin Webproxy, Webpanel, Webportal, Controlpanel To add LiteSpeed as web portal in ezeelogin for autologin,  install lightspeed in a server. Follow the below steps to add LiteSpeed as a web... Read More

Super Groups

A supergroup is only a logical grouping of server groups, in other words, it is a group of Server groups. A supergroup is listed just like a usual server group in the Ezeelogin shell and will contain all the accessible servers in its member groups. ... Read More

Features that can be accesed after Ezeelogin License expiry

What all features can be accessed after Ezeelogin License Expiry? If your Ezeelogin license is expired you will still be able to login to the Ezeelogin GUI and you will be able to add users to the Ezeelogin GUI but if you try to add a server you will... Read More

Increase Web Proxy Session Timeout

 What is a WebProxy session?     It is a Session Timeout to the web portal.  The following screenshot shows the time in seconds for a session to the web proxy service to remain active if no requests come in.  Note: We cannot change the... Read More

Credential History in Ezeelogin

How to view the updated password history for remote servers? Credential history feature is to store the previous password of the remote SSH user ( a Unix system user ) which is used to login to remote servers. This feature is available from the 7... Read More

View client username and IP in remote server

How to view the client username and IP address in the production servers? This feature is available from Ezeelogin version 7.31.0. 1. Login to the remote server added in Ezeelogin and append the below line in the sshd configuration file. root... Read More

Set SSH Key Expiry for the gateway users

How to set SSH Key Expiry for the gateway users and force to rotate the public keys? Configure SSH keys to expire after a specific number of days from GUI. This setting allows you to set an expiration period for SSH keys, and once that period is... Read More

Adding Webuzo as ControlPanel in Ezeelogin

Adding Webuzo as ControlPanel in Ezeelogin UI 1.Login to Ezeelogin Software GUI-- > Settings--> Control Panel. Then add  control panel. Refer the screenshot below as an example to configure Webuzo. 2. Go to the Servers tab and select the... Read More

Setup Public Key in Remote Server

How to setup Ezeelogin public key (global key) in the remote server? Ezeelogin's public key or global key is used to SSH into the remote servers. The private key corresponding to the public key is encrypted and stored in Ezeelogin and cannot... Read More

Creating usergroup and granting SSH access to the usergroup

How to create user groups and grant SSH access to the user group? What is a user group? User groups consist of users who share common characteristics and are identified by a specific group name. These group names are utilized in Access Control to... Read More

Adding Jira as web portal in Ezeelogin

How to add Jira as web portal hosted on internal network with Ezeelogin web proxy? Webproxy, Webpanel, Webportal, Controlpanel 1.  Login to Ezeelogin GUI -> Click on Web Portals tab -> Add new Web Portal. 2. Provide the web portal name,... Read More

Optimizing User Groups for Common Server Access

Streamlining User Groups for efficient access to Shared Servers in SSH. Dividing multiple users into two user groups, both requiring access to common servers in addition to their existing access to the main server group. To access control for... Read More

Enable remote startup script

How to enable remote startup script in Ezeelogin? This is a feature that allows users to define scripts and incorporate custom shells, commands, or functions that can be run on all remote machines. You have the flexibility to generate numerous... Read More

List of all web portal and control panel in Ezeelogin

List of WebPortals and ControlPanels Following are the list of WebPortals you can add in Ezeelogin: 1. Adding Jira as webportal in Ezeelogin2. Adding CyberPanel as Webportal in Ezeelogin3. Adding Litespeed as Webportal in Ezeelogin4. Adding Plesk as... Read More

Reset access control override

How to reset access control for Ezeelogin gateway users? Navigate to Users->Reset access control overridesThis action will restore the users original access control privileges(which would be that of the Usergroup that the user belongs to) when... Read More

Map Okta attributes to Ezeelogin

How to map Okta attributes to Ezeelogin How to map okta username attributes to Ezeelogin 1)   Below are a few users that we have in Okta.   2)   Navigate to the Profile Editor option and click on your Application. 3)   Click on Add... Read More

Different logs of user

How to view the logs of users and how to disable access? To view the logs, the user must have access, which can be accomplished through the Access Control tab within the Ezeelogin GUI. To grant specific log permissions, select the relevant log... Read More

Switch the IP of Master/slave installation

How to switch the IP of Master/Slave installation ? 1.To switch IP of the master/slave installation, You should log in to the billing portal, edit your license, and change the IP to your new IP. Login to billing portal -> Licenses -> Edit ... Read More

Using custom private and public keys in Ezeelogin

Can a user use custom private and public keys in Ezeelogin? Users can add a custom key pair during installation only.  It cannot be changed to a custom key pair after installation. 1. You would need to generate your own 4096-bit RSA Keys using... Read More

Upgrade to php version 8.2 in OpenSUSE 15

openSUSE is a free and open-source Linux distribution developed by the openSUSE project. It is offered in two main variations: Tumbleweed, an upstream rolling release distribution, and Leap, a stable release distribution which is sourced from SUSE... Read More

Interrupt SSH session to remote server

How to interrupt the SSH session to the remote server from the ezsh shell? When a server times out or a session becomes unresponsive within Ezeelogin, instead of opening a new terminal or starting a new session, consider using the following... Read More

Enable/Disable password or key based authentication

How to enable or disable ssh password or ssh key-based authentication to remote servers in ezsh shell? This feature encompasses the ability to deactivate or activate the password and key authorization for SSH access to remote devices tailored for... Read More

Include a single server in two distinct groups

How can you include a single server in two distinct groups You can include the same server for 2 users using the following steps. Here you'll be creating 2 distinct user groups for 2 users or continuing with an existing one for instance. Next,... Read More

Change user group from backend

How to change user group of a user from backend via MySQL queries? User groups can be updated from the backend using MySQL queries instead of utilizing the Ezeelogin GUI. Follow the steps below to update the user group of a user. 1. Find out the... Read More

Access different servers with different subssh users

How a gateway user can login to different servers with different SubSSH users? To access different servers with distinct subSSH users, it's possible to map various subSSH users with different server groups using the subSSH user map option in the... Read More

Migrate Ezeelogin database to RDS / remote SQL instance

How to Migrate Ezeelogin database to rds / remote SQL instance  Synopsis: To initiate the migration process, we'll begin by backing up the existing Ezeelogin database. Next, we'll proceed to establish a new RDS MySQL instance, grant... Read More

Restricting users to specific folders via SFTP

How to Restrict SFTP Connections to Specific Ports? SFTP, or Secure File Transfer Protocol, is a subsystem of SSH used for securely accessing, managing, and transferring large files of data. Chroot or change root is a security feature that restricts... Read More

Hide the server details for a particular user group or user

How to hide the server details for a particular user group or user To hide server details for a specific Ezeelogin Gateway user group or user, navigate to the "Access Control" section, then proceed to "User-Action," and disable "View Server Details".... Read More