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Adding Interworx as webportal in Ezeelogin

How to add InterWorx as webportal in Ezeelogin?

Minimum System Requirement

  • Processor: 1.1 GHz

  • Disk Space: 20 GB minimum; 40 GB recommended

  • Memory: 1 GB minimum RAM with 3 GB minimum swap

    • If the system has more than 1 GB RAM, the RAM to swap ratio should be as follows:

      • 2 GB RAM should have at least 4 GB swap

      • 4 GB - 8 GB RAM should have the same amount of swap as RAM

      • If more than 8 GB of RAM, there should be at least a 4 GB swap

Supported OS

  • RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.x, 7.x 64 bit Architecture
  • CentOS 6.x, 7.x 64 bit Architecture

Supported VPS Systems

  • Virtuozzo
  • Xen
  • OpenVZ
  • VMware
Install Interwox in your fresh server, so that the activation failed error can be solved.

Contact Interworx support and ask them for a trial license:-

Webproxy, Webpanel, Webportal, Controlpanel

To Install Interworx 7 :

1. Log in to the server at the command line as root

2. Download and run the installer :

root@centos ~]# sh <((curl -sL

To Install Interworx 6 :

1. Log in to the server at the command line as root

2. Download and run the installer :

 root@centos ~]# sh <((curl -sL

Activate the Interworx license either from a web browser or the command line.

1. From the browser, go to https://server_ip]:2443/nodeworx. Follow the prompts of email, password, and license key for the control panel.

2. From the command line

root@centos  ~]#  cd /usr/local/interworx/bin

root@centos  bin]# ./goiworx.pex

When prompted enter your email and password for the administrator account for the InterWorx control panel.

Once the scripts log in to NodeWorx through the web browser https://server_ip:2443/nodeworx and log in using the email and password used in the previous step.

       Login to Ezeelogin GUI -> Click on Web Portals tab -> Add new Web Portal with Auto Login enabled. Refer below example to add InterWorx.

      Refer to the below Screenshot to Disable AutoLogin.

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