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Creating usergroup and granting SSH access to the usergroup

How to create usergroups and grant SSH access to the usergroup?

What is user group?

User groups consist of users who share common characteristics and are identified by a specific group name. These group names are utilized in Access Control  to authorize or restrict access to different servers, features, and other parameters.

How to create user group?

To create a new user group Navigate to Users->User Groups->Add.


How to grant SSH access to a particular usergroup?

To grant SSH Access (Ezsh)for a particular user group Navigate to Access Control->UserGroup Action-> Actions->Ezsh Shell as shown below


To enable SSH Access via web browser for a particular Usergroup you need to grant  the privilege to access the web shell feature.

Grant it as follows.

Access Control->UserGroup-Action->select user group->Servers->web ssh Console


The web shell feature allows you to establish an SSH connection through a web browser without requiring an SSH terminal.

Web Shell will work only if the web interface is accessed via HTTPS and uses 2FA to login. Refer Enforce 2FA or Enable Google 2FA and install SSL Certificates and Enforce Https