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Create more admin users

How to create more admin users in Ezeelogin?

Synopsis: The admin user account created at the time of installation would be the user that would have all the privileges and is called 'superadmin' as it has the privileges to create more users with admin privileges. The superadmin user account cannot be deleted while other admin users can be deleted.

Step 1: Create new gateway user to Ezeelogin

Step 2: Fill in the necessary details and add the gateway user. Provide the password of the user used to login to the GUI.

If you would like to add an admin user with LDAP-enabled web panel authentication, first add the user in OpenLDAP or Windows Active Directory. Then, import the user to Ezeelogin and follow the steps below.

Step 3: For security purposes, all users except the superadmin does not have admin privileges by default. Grant privilege for the newly created user or user group for the admin privileges.

Step 3.a:. Refer below example to grant full privilege to individual user.

Step 3.b: Refer below example to grant full privilege to user group.

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