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Adding Users Exclusively to Databases

How to add users to the database.

Synopsis:  This feature allows you to create database users in Ezeelogin for users that already exist on your system.

For instance, if you have a user "David" who already has an account on your system server, by enabling this feature("Add user to database only") you can directly create a corresponding database user for David in Ezeelogin without the need to set up the user("David") account again manually.
This will simplify the process by bypassing the manual creation of a system user.

Refer to the user add manual for detailed description: Manual

Ex: Here we have a system user named "David" in a gateway server. And we need to create the same user in Ezeelogin as a gateway user.

You need to create the gateway user by enabling add user to database only parameter. Refer to the screenshot below:

This will generate the user within the database system, thus prompting the initiation of a corresponding user entry within the Ezeelogin GUI as a gateway user.

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