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How to export servers ?

An export script is provided to export the list of all servers and server details into a plain text file appropriate to be imported into Ezeelogin.   root@gateway ~]#php /usr/local/ezlogin/ezxport.php <output file> [<delimiter>] ... Read More

User identity and access management in SSH

How to login into the remote server with the same username as the ssh gateway user? There might be situations where the SSH gateway users need to login to a remote server with the same username as on the SSH gateway user. For example, How would you... Read More

How to stream the ssh sessions in real time?

Stream SSH in real-time In order to stream the ssh session of users in real time, click on SSH Log Note that ssh live streaming is possible only for ongoing ssh sessions only and not for sessions that have ended. SSH Live streaming is possible... Read More

Port forwarding from jump server to target Linux machine

How to do Port forward from jump server to target Linux machine added in the bastion host Synopsis: This article will help you access the service running on a remote server, with the port forwarded to the gateway server, and can be accessed using... Read More

Webportals unavailable for user

Web Portals Unavailable for the User This occurs if you have not been given the necessary privileges to the user. Go to the web panel and navigate to the tab Access-Control >> User-Actions >> <select user> >> Web Portals and... Read More

How to grant Parallel Shell privilege for a user?

Grant Parallel Shell Privilege For a User. Parallel shell by default is disabled for all users except for the admin user created at the time of installation and has to be granted explicitly. To grant Parallel Shell access to a user, Go to Access... Read More

Adding WebPortal or control panel or datacenter for autologin

How to add Web portal or Control Panel and Export/Import Web portals in Ezeelogin? Synopsis: This article provides step-by-step instructions for adding web portals or control panels for autologin, as well as exporting and importing web portals in... Read More

Configure shell activity timeout in ssh gateway

Enable ssh session timeout so that idle ssh session are automatically disconnected from the ssh gateway. Set the variable Shell Activity Timeout so that ssh session which are idle are automatically timed out after the set number of seconds. A value... Read More

Import servers from a CSV file into Ezeelogin

How to import servers from a file into the Ezeelogin SSH gateway? 1. To import a list of servers from a CSV file, click on the import tab on the left then choose the CSV file and click upload.  2. Once you click upload, the CSV file would be parsed... Read More

Parallel Shell - How to use it?

Parallel shell allows the SSH gateway users to execute command on multiple servers simultaneously. Commands can be executed on different server groups that the SSH gateway user has access to or the user can run the command on all servers that  the... Read More

record rdp session

Record RDP sessions Enable RDP Recording from Ezeelogin Gui > Settings > General  Settings > Security > RDP Recording Click on the RDP Recording button on the left menu and you will be provided with an interface to view and search... Read More

Set SSH User Expiry

How to set the expiry for Ezeelogin SSH gateway users? This feature lets you manage the duration for which an ssh gateway user will have access to the gateway after which it expires. The duration of the ssh access to the gateway can be set to expire... Read More

Add a server using ssh key pair in ezeelogin

How to add a server using ssh key pair in Ezeelogin? 1. Create a ssh key pair on the server using the command root@jumpserver:~# ssh-keygenGenerating public/private rsa key pair.Enter file in which to save the key (/root/.ssh/id_rsa): /root/.ssh... Read More

Add custom fields on server add form

How to add custom fields on the server add form while adding a server?   1) Click on the settings -> server field -> add custom server field       2) You will able to view the custom field while adding the server by... Read More

Integrate Windows AD with CentOS using SSSD

How to integrate Windows AD with Centos 8 using SSSD? Ensure that the following ports on the RHEL host are open and accessible to the AD domain controllers.  DNS =53, LDAP =389, Kerberos 88 & 464, LDAP Global Catalog 3268 and NTP 123 (UDP) ... Read More

View remote user password

How to view the remote user's password for the remote server using the Ezeelogin GUI and shell (ezsh)? Synopsis: Ezeelogin gateway user can view the updated or saved remote users password of the remote server from the Ezeelogin GUI and shell ... Read More

Integrate OneLogin SSO with jumpserver

Note: SAML is an authentication mechanism for web applications. It's based on web protocols and it cannot be used for user authentication over SSH.   1. Login to OneLogin and Add Application.     2. Search for SAML TEST and select SAML... Read More

Add / update / delete servers through ezeelogin API

How to add/delete/update servers in GUI using Ezeelogin API Login to Ezeelogin GUI > Open Settings >  API Add the details of API configurations and Make sure API is enabled in API settings for the API script to work.     An API... Read More

How to increase the speed of execution in parallel shell?

To increase the speed of parallel shell execution, increase the mExec Concurrency variable. The number of processes created for parallel shell execution would be equal to the value assigned in this variable. The load on the ssh gateway server would... Read More

Adding Interworx as webportal in Ezeelogin

How to add InterWorx as webportal in Ezeelogin? Minimum System Requirement Processor: 1.1 GHz Disk Space: 20 GB minimum; 40 GB recommended Memory: 1 GB minimum RAM with 3 GB minimum swap If the system has more than 1 GB RAM, the... Read More

Transfer file from desktop machine to remote server

How to transfer files from the user's desktop to remote servers using Ezeelogin jump server ? This feature is available from Ezeelogin version 7.30.0. Refer below article to upgrade the current Ezeelogin installation to the latest version. How... Read More

Unmanaged SubSSH User

How to use unmanaged SubSSH users in Ezeelogin? Ezeelogin will not create unmanaged SubSSH users (Linux system users) on the remote servers. Do create SubSSH user in GUI alone that already exists on the remote server. Both password and key-based... Read More

Granting SSH access using TCP Wrappers

How to grant SSH access only from an IP to a server? Login to the server and edit hosts.allow and hosts.deny and add the below lines. hosts.allow will have high priority and it will override the rules in hosts.deny. Refer below example of allowing... Read More

List user and subssh user mapped

How to list the usernames and the corresponding subssh users mapped individually? 1. Find the database and table name using the below command. root@gateway ~]# cat /usr/local/etc/ezlogin/ez.conf | grep -i "db_name\|db_prefix" db_name... Read More

Integrate SSH Jump Server with syslog

How to forward Ezeelogin SSH Jump Server logs to syslog? This feature is available from Ezeelogin version 7.37.0. Refer article to upgrade Ezeelogin to the latest version. By enabling this feature, all active logs will be directed to the syslog... Read More

Change user group from backend

How to change user group of a user from backend via MySQL queries? User groups can be updated from the backend using MySQL queries instead of utilizing the Ezeelogin GUI. Follow the steps below to update the user group of a user. 1. Find out the... Read More

Add AD as LDAP with non-administrator user

How to add Active Directory as LDAP with non-administrator user? Assign administrative privileges to the user in Active Directory and this will allow the user to bind AD LDAP with Ezeelogin. 1. Login to AD -> Server Manager -> Tools ->... Read More