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List of all web portal and control panel in Ezeelogin

List of WebPortals and ControlPanels

Following are the list of WebPortals you can add in Ezeelogin:

1. Adding Jira as webportal in Ezeelogin
2. Adding CyberPanel as Webportal in Ezeelogin
3. Adding Litespeed as Webportal in Ezeelogin
4. Adding Plesk as Webportal in Ezeelogin
5. Adding CPanel as Webportal in Ezeelogin
6. Adding Interworx as Webportal in Ezeelogin

Following are the list of ControlPanels you can add in Ezeelogin:

1. Adding Webuzo as ControlPanel in Ezeelogin
2. Adding DirectAdmin as ControlPanel in Ezeelogin

Privilege: How to grant user access for ControlPanel

Webproxy: How to use webportal proxy in Ezeelogin

Autologin: How to add a webportal / controlpanel / datacentre for autologin in jump server

Issues / Errors you may come across:

How to disable web terminal application in Cpanel

Unable to login with Cpanel /WHM in a click

Token not found in Cpanel / WHM

Refer to error logs : Error log file and configuration file