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 Security Features

Record ssh sessions


How to record ssh session of users on a Linux Server, Router, Switch using Ezeelogin ssh Jump Server ? or How to record  linux terminal in text files and monitor users activities in ssh?   The "SSH Log" recording feature lets you record ssh... Read More

Configure ssh certificate based authentication

Configure Certificate-Based SSH User Authentication Support for certificate authentication of users and hosts using the new OpenSSH certificate format was introduced in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5, in the  openssh-5.3p1-94.el6  package.... Read More

How to stream the ssh sessions in real time?

Stream SSH in real-time In order to stream the ssh session of users in real time, click on SSH Log Note that ssh live streaming is possible only for ongoing ssh sessions only and not for sessions that have ended. SSH Live streaming is possible... Read More

Can I use Google 2FA, Yubikey , DUO simultaneously?

Google 2FA, Yubikey and DUO can be configured and set for use simultaneously in the web panel.  The ssh jumphost user can set the all the three 2FA and can use any of it to authenticate depending on the users choice. If the User has... Read More

SSH Key rotation to remote servers

How to rotate the Ezeelogin key pair from Gateway to remote servers? Note: - The generated private key would be encrypted and cannot be retrieved. - The maximum supported private key size would be 4192 bits. How to rotate the key pair from the... Read More

How to disable web terminal application in Cpanel ?

How to disable web terminal application in Cpanel ?  You can disable web terminal access in Cpanel by creating /var/cpanel/disable_whm_terminal_ui  file for WHM users. root@gateway:~# touch /var/cpanel/disable_whm_terminal_ui Read More

Enable Google reCaptcha

The Google ReCaptcha for the GUI can be enabled under Settings ->General->Authentication. You can choose the the visible or the invisible reCaptcha   Now the login page  would have the reCaptcha prompt if you have chosen the visible... Read More

Configure DUO 2FA in Ezeelogin SSH Jumphost

How to enable/disable DUO 2fa in Ezeelogin? Do check out the duo ssh jump host configuration video as well. 1. Create your account on and log in. Navigate to Applications -> Protect an Application  2. Search for Web SDK and click on... Read More

How to enforce 2 Factor Authentication on user login?

Enforce 2fa on User login You have two options for implementing Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for user logins: 1. Enable 2FA for all users globally. 2. Implement Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for designated user groups as per their specific... Read More

Configure shell activity timeout in ssh gateway

Enable ssh session timeout so that idle ssh session are automatically disconnected from the ssh gateway. Set the variable Shell Activity Timeout so that ssh session which are idle are automatically timed out after the set number of seconds. A value... Read More

Filter command executed on remote servers using command guard

How to restrict commands that a gateway user can execute on remote servers in Ezeelogin? Ezeelogin uses IEEE Std 1003.2 (“POSIX.2”) regular expressions in the command guard. Note: Command guard is an experimental feature (user can bypass... Read More

record rdp session

Record RDP sessions Enable RDP Recording from Ezeelogin Gui > Settings > General  Settings > Security > RDP Recording Click on the RDP Recording button on the left menu and you will be provided with an interface to view and search... Read More

Set SSH User Expiry

How to set the expiry for Ezeelogin SSH gateway users? This feature lets you manage the duration for which an ssh gateway user will have access to the gateway after which it expires. The duration of the ssh access to the gateway can be set to expire... Read More

Configure four eyes authorization

Four eyes authorization in Ezeelogin Four-eye authorization in Ezeelogin is used to view the recordings of any user with only two-factor authentication. 1. Login to Ezeelogin GUI -> Settings -> General -> Security -> Four eyes... Read More

Encryption Technologies used in Ezeelogin

Encryption algorithms used in Ezeelogin  The User passwords and security codes stored in the Ezeelogin database uses multiple rounds SHA512, SHA256, BLOWFISH or DES depending on what's supported in the ssh gateway OS. 1. The UNIX System User... Read More

Configure Radius 2FA in Ezeelogin Jumpserver

How to enable/disable Radius 2FA  (Two-factor Authentication) in Ezeelogin? 1. Login to Ezeelogin GUI and navigate to Settings -> RADIUS -> RADIUS Settings/Two Factor RADIUS Settings. Provide Radius Host and Shared Secret in the below forms. ... Read More

SAML Authentication in EZSH shell

How does the SAML user login to the EZSH shell? Note: SAML is an authentication mechanism for web applications. It’s based on web protocols and it cannot be used for user authentication over SSH. First login to the Ezeelogin GUI using SAML... Read More

How can i restrict IP’s to access the ezeelogin portal?

Restrict IP's  to access the ezeelogin  portal?   You can limit/restrict  the IPs from which the User can connect to Ezeelogin ssh gateway server. Login to Ezeelogin Webportal > Users > Edit user > Enable Limit IPs Add�... Read More

How to view IPMI password from the Ezeelogin GUI?

To view IPMI password1. Ensure that you are accessing Ezeelogin with HTTPS and 2-factor authentication enabled2. After enabling HTTPS and 2 FA, you need to click on the + sign near the server name to view the IPMI password. You can view the IPMI... Read More

Token encryption in Microsoft Azure SSO with Ezeelogin

How to enable token encryption in Microsoft Azure for SAML authentication? Refer article to integrate Microsoft Azure SSO authentication in Ezeelogin. 1. Create a new private key root@gateway ~]# openssl genrsa -out key_name.key key_strength... Read More

Prompt ssh gateway user to enter reason for ssh access

How to  prompt a ssh gateway user  to enter a 'reason' in  ezsh shell and when ssh'ing to the remote server? This feature will let the gateway user enter a 'reason' while entering the Ezeelogin shell and  ( ezsh ) and the... Read More

Configure FIDO2 with Ezeelogin

How to enable/disable FIDO2 authentication with Ezeelogin? FIDO2, shorthand for Fast Identity Online, comprises open standards designed for secure and convenient authentication. By diminishing dependence on passwords and incorporating robust... Read More