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Why is Ezeelogin the most secure ssh gateway?

Why is Ezeelogin the most secure ssh gateway available?

  • SSH User password and security codes are hashed using CRYPT(SHA512, SHA256, BLOWFISH .DES algortithms). So even in the unlikely scenario of the gateway server being rooted, access to all other servers would still be secure.
  • Private keys/server root passwords/Critical information are encrypted using Asysmteric encryption so its almost impossible to get hold of the keys.
  • Two factor authentication in SSH gateway and for the web GUI (Google Authenticator /Yubikey ). This is especially useful when you outsource technical support and when you dont know how secure the techs desktop is. So with the 2factor auth, there is an additional layer of security.
  • Access control to grant/deny SSH access to servers for individual users.
  • SSH logs including input and output of every key pressed or command executed on the server including a live streaming of what a tech is doing on server.
  • Automated root password reset and password management.
  • Automated SUDO support so that you dont have to waste time with the su.
  • In the event of a tech leaves the company, all the root passwords on all servers could be reset at the click of a button.
  • Command guard to filter command like rm -rf / entered accidentally. Basically, you can create any command filters using regexp.