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Configure four eyes authorization

Four eyes authorization in Ezeelogin

Four-eye authorization in Ezeelogin is used to view the recordings of any user with only two-factor authentication.

1. Login to Ezeelogin GUI -> Settings -> General -> Security -> Four eyes authorization

2. Make sure Four Eyes Authorization Privilege is enabled for the user who would be granting access to view ssh logs. Go to Access Control-> User-Action and grant the user Four Eye Authorization Privilege.

3. Ensure that one of the two-factor authentication methods Google 2FA, Yubikey, or DUO Security is configured for the four eyes authorizing user. Refer below example to setup Google 2FA

4. You have configured four eyes authorization for viewing ssh logs.  Go to Users -> SSH Logs -> select user and server -> View SSH Log

5. The user with four eyes authorizing privileges should enter his name and two-factor code to authorize the viewing of logs.

6. The user will now be able to view the SSH log with four eyes authorization.