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Configure DUO 2FA in Ezeelogin SSH jumphost

Do check out duo ssh jump host configuration video as well.

1. Create your account in and log in. Navigate to Applications -> Protect an Application 

2.Search for Web SDK and click on Protect this Application



3. Copy Integration Key, Secret Key, and API Hostname.  Also, enter a custom name for this Application Under Settings.





4.Log on to Ezeelogin webpanel and click on Settings-> General->Two Factor Authentication and paste the DUO Integration Key, Secret Key and the API hostname in the fields highlighted below and save.  

Note: In order to avoid " invalid_grant " error, make sure to access the Ezeelogin GUI with SSL and a domain name.




5. Logout and Relogin into the Web panel and you would be asked for duo two-factor authentication.

duo ssh jumphost 2fa