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Authentication Log

What is Authentication log in Ezeelogin?

  • Authentication logs give you a record of authentication-related activities in your Gateway Server.
  • It is a component that would help you track which gateway users have accessed the Gateway Server through the GUI and backend.
  • Additionally, you would know whether the Gateway access was successful or has ended with some issues while logging in. 
  • Furthermore, the logs offer insights into the specific two-factor authentication (2FA) methods employed by users to access the Gateway Server.

Client Address in Web refers to the computer that is accessing or communicating with a server.

How do you view the authentication logs from the Ezeelogin GUI?

Login to Ezeelogin GUI -> Users -> Authentication Log -> Find

Refer to sample screenshots and details of the Authentication Log.

1) When a user fails to log in with the incorrect password in GUI.

2) When the user uses the wrong two-factor authentication in GUI.

3) When the user successfully logs in to GUI with the access keyword. 

4) When a user fails to login to ezsh with the wrong two-factor authentication.

5) When a user successfully logout from GUI.

6) When a user successfully logout from ezsh.

How to export Authentication Log ?

You can download all the authentication logs of the users in .csv format by clicking on export. 


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