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How to allow the user to switch when the command guard is enabled

Allow the user to switch when the command guard is enabled

Synopsis: The following article describes how we can add the regular expression to switch user using command guard. This article presents a concise guide to incorporating regular expressions (regex) for enhanced user switching capabilities.

This feature is available from Ezeelogin version 7.36.0Refer article to upgrade Ezeelogin to the latest version.

Note: Command guard is an experimental feature (user can bypass command guard by using scripts, up arrow key, tab key, etc).

Let us look at the following example where we will configure a gateway user "tony"  to switch; to another user "john" .

Step 1: The following screenshot shows how to add the regular expression for the switch user

              Add the switch user command in command guard.

Step 2: Add the password of the user in the regular expression field and enable the password button to save it with hashing.

Step 3Create command group called “Switchusers” and assign the cmds “switch user”  to the group. Navigate to command guard group > click on the commands icon and select all commands that need to be added to the group.

Step 4. Edit the user, select the command guard group from the dropdown, and enable "allow" to allow those commands for that user.

Step 5: Login to the ezsh (Ezeelogin shell) as the same user, type in su - username to switch user, and provide the correct password when prompted.

Refer to the below example.