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How to enforce 2 Factor Authentication on user login?

Enforce 2fa on User login

Overview: This article provides an overview of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) implementation options: enforcing 2FA globally for SSH and web interfaces, and selectively for user groups, along with configuration instructions and method setup details.

You have two options for implementing Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for user logins:

  1. 1. Enable 2FA for all users globally.
  2. 2. Implement Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for designated user groups as per their specific requirements and access levels.

  3. Step 1: Activate the specified configurations to ensure that Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is enforced for both SSH login and the web interface. This measure will require users accessing the SSH gateway to establish two-factor authentication, aligning with recommended security practices.
  4. This will enable the users to use 2fa globally.
  • Under Setting > General > Two-factor authentication > enable force 2fa.

Step 2. You have the option to activate mandatory Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) selectively for particular user groups based on specific requirements.

  • Under Users > User Groups > Select the user group > enable force 2fa

  • You can also enable the different 2-factor mechanisms that will be available for the gateway user for setup. 
The two-factor Authentication tab is available only from version 7.11.0. If you are running an old version, then 2fa methods configured under Settings->General->Security tab will be available.

  • Relogin, into the WebGUI, and the user will be prompted to set up the 2-factor method if he hasn't set up any. Set up any 2fa method of your choice from here.

  • To configure additional Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) methods, access the WebGUI after logging in and proceed to set up multiple 2FA methods accordingly.

The 2-factor mechanism used for the last login into the WebGUI would be the 2fa method in use in the backend. To change, the 2fa method in use in the backend, log into the WebGUI using the new 2fa method so that it becomes the default 2fa method for the backend.

  • We have set up Google 2fa and Access Keyword successfully and will be prompted for it. In the example below, we are using Google 2fa to log in, and hence the same would be prompted in the backend shell as well.

  • The backend would look as follows.

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