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Different types of Users in Ezeelogin

How many types of users are there in Ezeelogin?


1. Ezeelogin Gateway User

Ezeelogin gateway users are users that are added through Ezeelogin GUI.
Refer below screenshot to add Ezeelogin gateway user or refer usermanual.

2. Remote SSH User

Remote SSH user are the users that are logged in when SSH to the remote servers.
Refer below screenshot to add remote ssh user.

3. SubSSH User

Subssh user are users which are created in Ezeelogin to login to the remote servers as non-privileged user.
Refer below screenshot or article to add subssh user.

4. Pass User Through

Pass user through are users who can login to remote server as the same user logging into Ezeelogin GUI.
Refer below screenshot to enable pass user through or refer article.