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Interrupt SSH session to remote server

How to interrupt the SSH session to the remote server from the ezsh shell?

When a server times out or a session becomes unresponsive within Ezeelogin, instead of opening a new terminal or starting a new session, consider using the following approaches:

Scenario 1:

If a session becomes idle and there's no activity within it for the specified idle timeout duration (10 to 20 seconds), Ezeelogin takes action. It initiates a fallback mechanism, which means it returns the user to the server list or server selection screen.

Scenario 2:

When you encounter a situation in Ezeelogin where a server times out or a session becomes unresponsive, use the Ctrl+C keyboard shortcut. When you press Ctrl+C, Ezeelogin displays a message that says "Connection interrupted by user". This action initiates a fallback to the server list shell.


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