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’Failed to establish SSH session ’

’Failed to establish SSH session’ error ; unable ssh via Ezeelogin shell 

1.Make sure that the  iptables / firewall is not blocking ssh traffic (check ssh port is open on both gateway & target server) and make sure SSHD is not blocked in /etc/hosts.allow or /etc/hosts.deny

2.Make sure that SELinux is disabled on jumpbox / gateway server and the target server. You can find it by typing ’sestatus

3.Increase ssh timeout value to 60 seconds.Do refer to this user manual.

 4.Check ezsh log for errors. You can get it from ’/home/{username}/ezsh.log 

 5.Also, check for the SSHD error log of the remote server to which you are trying to login.

If it is Centos it will be /var/log/secure

If it is Ubuntu it will be /var/log/auth.log

  • On the remote server run the below command.

[email protected]:~ systemctl restart systemd-logind.service

  • Try to re-add the server and try to access it again.