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Unable to login to remote servers after resetting LDAP password

Unable to access the remote servers after resetting the LDAP password in the LDAP server?
This error usually occurs when  pass user through is enabled while resetting the password of the LDAP server.

1. If you get the above error, login to the Ezeelogin software GUI with your new LDAP password. This will sync the new password with Ezeelogin and you'll be able to access the remote servers. 

2. Relogin to the Ezsh and try to access the remote server. 
3. Check the error logs on the remote server under /var/log/auth.log on Ubuntu machine and /var/log/secure on Centos machine.
4. Check if the Pass User Through option is enabled. You can check it by pressing the tab key on the selected server. Refer the following image as a reference.