Could not setup Ezeelogin Web SSH service

Could not setup Ezeelogin Web SSH service



1. Make sure that "SELINUX" is disabled.

    you can check it by the following command  getenforce/sestatus

       Configure  SELINUX=disabled  in the  /etc/selinux/config   file:

2. Reboot your system. After reboot, confirm that the  getenforce/sestatus  command returns  Disabled :

3. Make sure that you have installed SSL cert for web ssh 

  To ensure ssl for the browser tab that opens up the web ssh console, generate a self-signed cert:

 root@localhost:~# openssl req -new -days 365 -x509 -nodes -newkey rsa:2048 -out /usr/local/etc/ezlogin/tls_cert.pem -keyout /usr/local/etc/ezlogin/tls_key.pem 

You can put a valid ca, cert and key in the files: /usr/local/etc/ezlogin/tls_ca.pem, /usr/local/etc/ezlogin/tls_cert.pem & /usr/local/etc/ezlogin/tls_key.pem respectively. You can rename your current .crt / .key file to .pem file
Check if webserver have access to the key generated above
 4 .Make sure nodejs  is installed on the  jump server.  Refer the article setup web ssh console in ezeelogin and ssh via browser

5. Ensure that you have also installed node modules for web ssh by running the following command

root@localhost:~ DEBUG=* CLIENT_DEBUG=* PORT=52222 node /var/www/ezlogin/application/external/webssh/index.js

root@localhost:~ cd /var/www/ezlogin/application/external/webssh/ && npm install

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