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RDP Error: This computer can’t connect to the remote computer

Remote Desktop Connection Error: This computer can't connect to the remote computer ( Tunnel access from unauthorized IP )

Getting the following error when RDP with Ezeelogin Tunnel feature.

1. Replace the username with the user which you have logged in to Ezeelogin.

root@gateway  ~]# tail /home/{username}/ezsh.log

 ERROR 1: >>> If you get the following error, do refer the screenshot and try again.

root@gateway  ~]# tail /home/admin/ezsh.log

Authentication by SSH key failed!
Authentication by SSH key failed (, Administrator): Username/PublicKey combination invalid
Tunnel access from unauthorized IP: (
 2. Navigate to Settings -> Security and enable Tunnel Allow All.

 ERROR 2: >>> If you get the following error

root@gateway  ~]# tail /home/admin/ezsh.log

SSH log file (/var/log/ezlogin/full/john/ creation failed: Permission denied
Run the following command and try again:

root@gateway  ~]# /usr/local/ezlogin/eztool.php -fix_log_permissions