Could not load style files while accessing Ezeelogin GUI


Error: Image does not gets loaded while accessing Ezeelogin GUI


1. Refused to load the stylesheet, because it violates the following content Security Police directive: “style-src ‘self’ ‘unsafe-inline’”.Note that ‘style-sir-elem’ was not explicitly set, so ‘style-src’ is used as a fallback. 

2. Refused to load the script, because it violates the following content security policy directive : “script-src ‘self’ ‘unsafe-inline’ ‘unsafe-eval’.

3. Uncaught ReferenceError :  $ is not defined.



1. This error can be resolved by appending the following line to the end of 
/usr/local/etc/ezlogin/ez.conf file:


root@localhost:~  vi /usr/local/etc/ezlogin/ez.conf 

 For example refer the following:

cver 2
system_folder /var/www/ezlogin/
www_folder /var/www/html/ezlogin/
uri_path /ezlogin/
force_https no
db_host localhost
db_port /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock
db_name ezlogin_gxeqs
db_user ezlogin_rfv
db_pass TX/osUaN+eC9tGhEMLP4CkHJOeW6MTsItJtt8sqQftz5+rQpFaL4Di4Kyy1nY9s5crQFTd01Q+twGy/UaWi4KFLVjtAKeAQzJfWzcbXN6aY=
db_prefix bepdc_
cookie_encryption_key PR7ywZcWe56jZUJsyrAdDCHYHPPgu1TP+r0Bdi+1KdnQfErjpmFRYlNppccbK/Vu/HV5zBpgS1qfMae4Q71uxEad3QnV5hnntd5kgdUPe6o=
cookie_name yrpdwm
cookie_path /ezlogin/
admin_user admin
mysql_encrypt no
host_url your_domain_name


 2.Ensure that you have also provided correct system folder under  /usr/local/etc/ezlogin/ez.conf 

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