Token not found in Cpanel/WHM

Getting Token not found error or  Session Not found when accessing Cpanel/WHM

1. Ensure that the date & time on the target Cpanel/WHM server is correct. Also, make sure the date & time on the ssh gateway is correct as well.
       Use the command #ntpdate to correct the date& time on the remote cpanel server.

[email protected]:~# ntpdate

2. Ensure that SELinux is disabled on the gateway server as well as the remote server where you are unable to login via Cpanel/WHM. You may set selinux to disabled in /etc/selinux/config. The command sestatus  should return 'disabled' as the result. If you get a command not found error , it means selinux is not installed and you can move to the next step.

[[email protected] ~]# sestatus

SELinux status:                 disabled

3. Reset the root password of the target linux node via the ssh gateway web gui. Ensure that you are able to manually login into the target server outside of the ssh gateway with the current root password set in the ssh gateway.You can view the current server password by pressing the 'tab' key.


4.  Ensure that you  are able to telnet to target machine 2087 port from ezeelogin gateway server.

[email protected]:~# telnet <IP or hostname of cpanel > 2087

5. Ensure that the hostname of the remote server resolves in the DNS, if not Edit the server, Under Advanced, set the 'Cp Use DNS' field to 'NO'.

5. Flush your Browser cache and then relogin into the ezeelogin web interface and try accessing the Cpanel/WHM.
6. Ensure that the control panel username and password is empty in advanced section for cpanel/whm.



Do contact support if you are still unable to get this resolved.

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