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Blank page in GUI and an error in SSH/backed shell ’ license expired!’

Troubleshooting Blank GUI Page and "License Expired" SSH Error in Ezeelogin.

Overview: This article describes steps to troubleshoot a blank GUI page and "license expired!" SSH error in Ezeelogin by verifying renewal status and flushing the license cache using a provided script for resolution.

If you encounter a blank page in the GUI along with an SSH error stating "license expired!" unexpectedly before the time of renewal, follow these steps to resolve the issue:

Step 1: Verify License Renewal Status

  • Double-check that it is not actually time for license renewal. Sometimes, unexpected errors can occur if the license is indeed expired.

Step 2: Flush Ezeelogin License Cache

To clear the Ezeelogin license cache, follow these steps:

~]# php flush_license.php

 License cache cleared.

After executing the script, verify if the issue with the blank GUI page and SSH error persists. Refresh the GUI and attempt to SSH again to ensure proper functionality.

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