Why does the ssh log have control characters and looks different from the actual input?

Why does the ssh log have control characters and looks different from the actual input?

 The ssh logs with log type ' input', the ssh user logs would record the exact keyboard input including the ctrl characters.

For example, you would be using [tab] completion [ctrl-R] to search from bash history to run the commands. Commands run using auto-completion, tab completion or keyboard shortcuts would appear as the respective 'key pressed'

  • In order to view the exact command that was run, make to enable full ssh log recording under Settings->general->Security->ssh session loggin->Both


  • Once this full ssh session recording is enabled, you can now view the entire command by searching for the ssh logs under Users->SSH-logs->logtype->ALL.



The full ssh session log would have the entire input and the output of the command without the command shortcuts/or control characters.


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