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Severity: error --> Exception: Class ’DOMDocument’ not found /var/www/ezlogin/application/third_party/saml/src/Saml2/IdPMetadata Parser.php 113


 If you are getting the above error, you need to install the  DOM  extension. You can do so on Debian / Ubuntu using:

root@ubuntu:~  apt-get install php-dom/php-xml

And on Centos / Fedora / Red Hat:

root@localhost:~  yum install php-xml

If you get conflicts between PHP 5 and PHP 5.3 packages, you could try to see if the php53-xml package exists instead.

Restart the web server after installing Dom extensions,
In Ubuntu 

root@ubuntu:~   service apache2 restart 

In Centos

root@localhost:~ service httpd restart