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In parallel shell i get "An error occurred. Please contact administrator"

In Parallel Shell I get the following "An error occurred. Please contact the administrator"

  • Make sure that in your MySQL configuration file(/etc/my.cnf), the variables "user connections" and "max connections" are configured such that they are set 1.5 times the value that is set for the mExec concurrency variable in Settings ->General -> Miscellaneous.

  • mExec concurrency: Set the concurrency level for mExec/Parallel shell. This variable determines the number of processes that would be invoked simultaneously to execute commands on multiple servers in the mExec list. The higher the value, the faster the command would run to completion but the server load on the ezeelogin ssh gateway server would rise proportionally. This is helpful to limit the resource utilization on the Ezeelogin SSH gateway server.

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