ezsh segfault or kicked of ezsh ssh session or ssh session crash

ezsh segfault or ezsh shell crashes without any error messages and Kicked out of ezsh SSH backend shell.

 This is mostly likely occurring because of resource shortages. Raise the memory limits on the server and reboot.Also, make sure that security software like cloudlinux is not blocking the /usr/local/bin/ezsh binary, if yes, ensure to white list it.

Do check the following logs for any errors

   /home/username/ezsh.log, /var/log/message , /var/log/dmesg for any errors

Reboot the server and ensure that there is enough memory on the server.

    The error messages looks like these.

    The normal skm abrt[25575]: Saved core dump of pid 25575 (/usr/local/bin/ezsh) to /var/spool/abrt/ccpp-2017-04-18-11:58:28-25575 (2420736 bytes)

     Apr 18 11:58:28 skm abrtd: Executable '/usr/local/bin/ezsh' doesn't belong to any package and ProcessUnpackaged is set to 'no'

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