How can we upgrade php in an ezeelogin installed server ?

1. Backup existing jump server installation 

     Execute the following script on your server to generate a backup of your installation so that you can restore the backup in case the upgrade breaks.



This would create a executable archive of your ezeelogin installation in /var/ezlogin_backup_v6.2.0_b167_Fri_Mar_02_2012_04_23_22_CST.bin

Execute the backup bin file to restore if something goes wrong and you would live to revert. 

 You need to downgrade/switch back to previous version of php before restoring the backup.

2.  Upgrade the PHP version in the system and install ioncube loader to corresponding PHP version after PHP upgrade.


3. Download the ezeelogin package corresponding to the PHP version you have installed from the customer portal 

    Upgrade ezeelogin with the following command 

root@gateway:~$ sh ezlogin_7.x.x_php71.bin -- -update -skipbackup

   Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the upgrade.



Restoring ezeelogin from backup


If something is broken after the upgrade, no worries. We will restore the backup from the archive that was created. You would first need to uninstall the current installation on the gateway. Run the following script to uninstall  


root@gateway:~$ /usr/local/sbin/uninstall_ezlogin.php


Now that we have uninstalled, we can go ahead restore the binary backup archive that was created. 

 You need to downgrade/switch back to previous version of php before restoring the backup.

root@jumperver :~# sh /var/

If you want to do the restore in one step with your existing settings and without being prompted.


sh ezlogin_backup_v7.9.0_b381_Wed_Feb_13_2019_23_26_03_IST.bin  -- -skipgeolite -auto -force -ACCEPT_SETTINGS -I_ACCEPT_EULA

 Replace the backup filename with your backup file.







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