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How to fix the error "ALERT: REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION HAS CHANGED! Contact Administrator" while SSH into a server?

This error occurs when the destination server has its OS reloaded or has a new IP address. Resetting the SSH fingerprint will clear the fingerprint of the remote server from Ezeelogin database server. When the remote server is accessed again, the fingerprint will be added automatically. SSH fingerprints allows SSH clients to verify the identity of the server and thus act as a unique identifier for the server's public key. 

Follow the steps to solve the issue :
1. Login to ezeelogin webgui and go to Servers tab

2. Select the server to which you are unable to ssh.

3. Click the 'RESET SSH FINGERPRINT' button on the right menu bar.


RESET SSH FINGERPRINT using command line

  1. Reset the fingerprint of all servers

You can reset the ssh fingerprint of all servers from the command line by running the following command:

root@jumpserver@~# php /usr/local/ezlogin/ez_queryrunner.php "UPDATE prefix_servers SET fingerprint=''";

2. Reset the fingerprint of a single server

To reset the fingerprint of a server from the command line interface,  run the following command: Replace hostname with your server hostname:

root@jumpserver@~# php /usr/local/ezlogin/ez_queryrunner.php "UPDATE prefix_servers SET fingerprint='' WHERE name='hostname_of_the_server' ";