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SSH user mapping failed

How to fix the error "SSH user mapping failed" showing in GUI and ezsh?

Refer below article to get a better understanding of the SubSSH user account in Ezeelogin.

The error SSH user mapping failed occurs when the SubSSH user is created as managed but fails to create the user on the remote server.

Error in GUI:

Error in ezsh:

Follow the below steps to resolve the issue:

  • Refer below screenshot to create the SubSSH user in newly created servers.

  • Refer below screenshot to create the SubSSH user on all servers present in Ezeelogin.

Make sure to re-login to ezsh after creating the subssh user on servers. The new changes will not affect in the already existing SSH session.

What will be the error message when the SubSSH user account is deleted on the remote server?

The following error will appear when the gateway user attempts to SSH into a remote server as a SubSSH user, using either a managed or an unmanaged account, and the same SubSSH user has been deleted on the remote server.

Authentication by SSH key failed.
Authentication by password failed

  • If the SubSSH user is created as managed, then recreate the user to fix the issue.

  • If the SubSSH user is created as unmanaged, either recreate the user manually on the remote server with the same name or recreate the unmanaged user in GUI with the same username existing on the remote server.


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