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How to configure Yubikey two factor authentication in ssh ?

Configure Yubikey 2 factor authentication for Ezeelogin GUI and for the backend ssh?

Do check out the video to Configure Yubikey two factor authentication in ssh jump host 

1.Go to Settings->General settings-> Two Authenticationand fill in Yubico Client ID and the Yubico Secret Key                                   

2. Go to  Account->Password-> New YubiKey to complete the setup.

If you haven’t registered any other 2FA then you can re-login to the Ezeelogin GUI and setup new yubikey.

3. Once this has been done, login into the web-interface using the Yubikey 2FA method and then the backend 2FA in ssh would automatically use the Yubikey 2FA. Basically, the last successful 2FA method used in the web interface/web-GUI would be used in the backend ssh shell/ or ezsh shell.

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Yubikey in ssh