How to enforce 2 Factor Authentication on user login?

Enable the following settings to Enforce 2FAon user ssh login as well as for the web interface. This will prompt the ssh gateway user to set two factor authentication before going ahead and is a recommended security setting.

multi factor authentication


Enable the different 2 factor mechanisms that will be available for the gateway user for setup. 

Two factor Authentication tab is available only from version 7.11.0. If you are running a old version, then 2fa methods configured under Settings->General->Security tab will be available.

2 factor authentications


Relogin, into the webgui and the user will be prompted to setup the 2 factor method if he hasn't setup any. Setup any one 2fa method of your choice from here.

setup 2FA


If you want to setup more 2fa methods, then after logging into the webgui, setup multiple 2fa methods here.

2factor mechanism used for the last login into the webgui would be the 2fa method in use in the backend. To change, the 2fa method in use in the backend,  login into the webgui using the new 2fa method so that it becomes the default 2fa method for the backend.

2fa setup


We have setup Google 2fa and Access Keyword successfully and would be prompted for it. In the example below, we are using Google 2fa to login and hence the same would be prompted in the backend shell as well.

2fa methods


The backend would looks as follows..

google 2fa




configure-yubikey-two-factor-authentication-in-jump server







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